ARC Review: The Legends of Eve: A Warrior's Past by Anonymous

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(The Legends of Eve #1)
 Published : 22 / 01 / 2019

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    Young Adult Fiction || Fantasy

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Everyone is a part of the Circle of Time, eternally reliving the same life. But Destrou is the anomaly. S’rae is a lonely girl born light-years after Destrou. Before she could achieve her dream to graduate top of her class at the School of Wind, the professor tells her she is one of the twelve destined students from the three elemential schools chosen to visit the Valley of Gaia. Except this destiny was written by the blood of Gods and no one has seen the Valley in over three thousand years. Destrou has a book written about his life, which has been bound away since the beginning of time. And S’rae is destined to read it. At first, reading a book to uncover a secret seems foolish until S’rae finds herself with the ability to affect its world, watching the words of his life change before her eyes. But that's nothing compared to the shadows plotting to kill them to make sure Destrou's secret is not told. As S’rae is drawn deeper into the book, it teaches her that no one ever truly knows when they’re the villain in someone else’s story. Not only must she find the courage to face impossible choices and figure out how she’s connected to Destrou, but she must battle the dark secrets in her own heart that tell her she may be the villain in her story.

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Whilst reading this novel, I must admit that it took me a long while to get into it. As I read further into the novel, I was pleasantly surprised when the book got up to a readable pace, keeping me engaged… Kind of. I can’t wait to read the following novels of this great ARC. With interesting names and awesome powers, the characters are very unique and raw.

As a writer coming into the very competitive world of YA Fantasy, I must admit that this author has done amazing, and I can’t wait to see how his writing style continues to develop this plotline, and his skills grow with time. There are a few places in the book where I was … in a bit of an argument with myself. Their writing, however, I feel is a bit hard to judge at the moment. Elemental magic is an amazing and popular theme in many YA fantasy novels and series recently, but I feel that with some more progression, that Legends of Eve will be great! 

The few things I found slightly difficult about reading Legends of Eve are the following two points. One, they have obviously poured a lot into this great book, but I can’t help but feel like he is a bit lost in his writing. I feel that with such an amazing plot, it was a bit hard to come across as intended in some spots. Two, I feel that the idea of elemental magic is rather difficult to follow but they have done an amazing job! I only wish that I would have had more plot for S’rae, Vayp and Han’sael; I felt like there was so much time where I was reading a book, about reading a book.

Overall? I say that if you have a history of not enjoying elemental magic, then stay away from this book. But if you love books like the Magisterium series, you will thoroughly enjoy this book. Keep a lookout for it when it comes out! Until that point, go have a look at the website, and social media influences!

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Post published 22 // 01 // 2019

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