ARC Review: After Always by Barbara J. Hancock

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 After Always by Barbara J. Hancock

   Published : 01 /  10 /  2018 
       by Entangled Publishing

   Genre : 
            Young Adult Fiction ||
             Paranormal ||

   Rating : Avocado Avocado Avocado Non-Avocado Non-Avocado

Lydia Li is broken, lifeless. After her boyfriends tragic death, Lydia goes to work at Stonebridge for the summer, her parents hoping to get part of her daughter back. While struggling with the relief and grief of Tristan’s death, sinister shadows come to life, and the man Lydia thought she was finally free of may be back, hell-bent on getting his promise of forever fulfilled. Even with Michael and Hannah to try help her, Lydia may find that there are just some shadows you can’t fight.

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‘After Always’ is a great book. The plot, the writing, it’s all great. I also love the character development. This book was a really easy book to read and enjoyed it immensely. I don’t actually read that many supernatural novels, I tend to stick more with fantasy or contemporary, but ‘After Always’ has gotten me rethinking my ways. My own outlook on life as I am a very confident person and will not take crap is that you should never control someone, and I can see how Lydia wants to break free from her relationship with Tristan.

I felt that Lydia’s character had an amazing development and plot line, with some intense struggles that she had to work through. I loved witnessing her character grow and get stronger with every struggle she faces. She is strong enough to recognise that her relationship with Tristan was abusive and that it wasn’t right. She is scared to get into anything and is worried about her own behaviours. This novel is great as I hope that Lydia’s character will help people to relate, empathise or get out of relationships that are making them unhappy. 

The supernatural aspects of ‘After Always’ also impressed me. Nothing in the plot was disjointed and all of the small little things came and tied back to something else, such as the masks or little poppet dolls found in Lydia’s room. I was extremely impressed, as this can be very very difficult to do successfully.

This book is a great contribution to YA literature and I think that people who enjoyed the Twilight Saga and similar books of romance in a supernatural environment are going to greatly enjoy this book. It is one people will read more than once.

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Post published 26 // 09 // 2018

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