ARC Review: Me and Me by Alice Kuipers

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 Me and Me by Alice Kuipers

   Published : 02 / 10 / 2018 by 

   Genre : Young Adult Fiction || Contemporary || Paranormal

   Rating : Avocado Avocado Half-Avo Non-Avocado Non-Avocado

Everyone has day to day choices. But what if you had to choose between two lives? Your soul would split into two. Parallel lives. This is what happens to Larke when on a date with cool guy Alec; one minute they are swimming, the next; a young girl is face down drowning and Alec has smashed his head on a rock. In two different lives, Larke picks Annabelle and she picks Alec. When the effects of these decisions start to slowly glimpse the others choice and effects, everyone believes their Larke is going crazy. But what is actually going on?

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To be completely honest, I found ‘Me and Me’ very difficult to keep up with. I found that there were not clear enough distinctions between the parallel lives, which threw me off immensely. This was a bit of a deal breaker considering the two different lives are the whole plot. Apart from this note, I was incredibly impressed with the plot of this work. It was a well thought out novel and was a pleasure to read, one you got the hang of it. Let me just say though, you won’t want to read this when going to sleep; you will be too engrossed to see what happens next!

The only thing I felt that let the rest of the book down, was the repetitiveness. I mean, I completely understand how in some areas the book needed to repeat to represent the parallel lives, however I did take the actual repetitive phrases to be a bit of a let down. I thought that the characters were explored really well, and in both different lives they developed differently but extremely well. I got quite a few ‘If I Stay’ vibes from this novel, but not so much that I felt someone had just scrambled the plot. It was good to read, but took a small while to just get the hang of the different life / perspectives suddenly. I really enjoyed scenes where the characters were portrayed differently due to the decisions they had made, and it got me thinking about my own ‘what if’s. What if I just want to be instead of reading and watching Netflix all night? What if I didn't eat the whole packet of potato chips? What if I just went for a walk? So many what ifs.  

Overall, I would say that if you enjoy any of Gayle Forman’s work then you will certainly enjoy this. Be prepared to think deep and pay attention though, this is perhaps not the best read if you want something to lull you to sleep; you just need to see what the Larke’s do next!
Side Note: I wished that I could have had a source to go to to listen to the songs being told in this story. I understand in the book that the author said something along the lines of how a song is supposed to be heard not read, but it would have been great if I could listen to these songs.

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