ARC Review: TOXIC RAGE: A Tale of Murder in Tucson

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 TOXIC RAGE: A Tale of Murder in Tucson by A.J. Flick

   Published : 04 / 10 / 2018 
        by WildBlue Press 

   Genre : True-Crime

   Rating : Avocado Avocado Avocado Non-Avocado Non-Avocado

TOXIC RAGE follows the true story of Brian Stidham, and his murder. Brian was a eye-surgeon who moved to the Tucson region with his wife and kids be apart of Brad Schwartz’s clinic. When Brad is brought up on drug abuse and other charges that leave people from dropping their work at his clinic, Brian follows suit and opens up his own clinic. Soon, many of Brad’s ex-employees start working for Brian, and Brad has turned very bitter, telling all of his friends and many female partners how he planned to have Brian forcefully removed from his life. When Brian turns up dead, Brad is the number one suspect. Some people think he did it, others say he didn’t, but a panicking Brad swears he had nothing to do with it. But don’t they all?

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Wow! I absolutely loved this novel! There are so many things that I love about it, the title, the story, the truth behind everything, and how beautifully this novel was written! TOXIC Rage is told from a third person point and follows the brutal murder of Brian Stidham, a talented eye-surgeon who got on the bad side of his ex-business partner, Brad Schwartz after Schwartz is accused and found guilty of drug abuse. I felt, just a little, that at the beginning of the story, I was seriously overwhelmed with information. Birthdays, favourites, hates and details for characters that I thought were insignificant… but then came and tied the story back together further in.

To be fair, heaps of things tied together in this book, yet there was an element of predictability there, which I was hoping to be proved wrong about. I was a bit disappointed when I got part of the ending I had predicted because it took the fun out of reading the book.

I was extremely invested in this book and read it at every opportunity I could. The style of writing allowed me to grasp the severity behind the truth, but also let me just enjoy reading and not feel like I was reading a police report. I loved how truthful this story was, and how invested I was able to get, easily following the plotline but still jumping in my spot with every new plot twist. I can see why Lourdes, Brad’s ex-fiance, was in such a difficult predicament, and I was able to sympathize with nearly all of the characters.

One thing I did struggle with was reading this story as a filler. I must admit that TOXIC Rage is a book that you are most definitely going to have to be prepared to read, not just do so for an easy book. You have to be ready to think deep into what you remember from earlier pages and also be prepared to want to skip some parts and then be thankful that you didn’t. I loved how much the different lines of the characters thoughts always added up and pointed subtly one way whilst the story progressed majorly.

I recommend this novel to all people who love crime and murder mysteries. I have recommended this novel to many of my friends who ask why I still read young adult, as if I have outgrown it (as if; never gonna happen).

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Post published 04 // 10 // 2018

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