ARC Review: One Too Many Lies by L.A. Bowen

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 One Too Many Lies by L.A. Bowen

   Published : 01 / 12 / 2018
       by West 44 Books

   Genre : 
    Young Adult Fiction || Contemporary
    || Poetry

   Rating : Avocado Avocado Non-Avocado Non-AvocadoNon-Avocado
Little white lies don’t hurt anyone is one of the biggest lies out there. When Paige and her friends try to avoid judgement and try to seem like people they aren’t, or when they try to trick their parents, things are okay. Until they stop fibbing and start lying because now it isn’t up to them. The line of life or death never is.
Thank you to the publisher for a free galley in exchange for an honest review 
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One Too Many Lives is a verse poetry novel centred around a group of adolescent girls and their experiences. The novel is fast and easy to read, being a fan of verse poetry the format overall proved to add to my reading experience, however, I can imagine that it could be jarring for some readers to get into. Personally, the main issue I had with this book was how the characters were integrated into the story. Some of the characters didn’t have a satisfying ending and so by the end of the novel I felt confused about what I had just read.

The majority of the time, the novels that leave a lasting impact on me are well explained and lead me to know all the characters well and I'd befriend them in my imagination. I felt a wall drawn up between me and the characters of one too many lies which I desperately tried to climb over but couldn’t. They all just fell a little flat in my opinion.  

I didn’t enjoy the novel, I felt like I had to desperately make my way to the bottom of every page to continue, which shows I wasn’t really interested in what was going. This proves I didn’t have a way of falling into the story and that I didn’t connect with the characters. The poetry was alright but wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen done better before, however, I did really like the ideas behind what was being written and personally I’d be interested in looking at more of Bowen’s work as if I had been a fan of the characters, I believe I would have loved the novel and been raving about it.

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Post published 26 // 11 // 2018

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