ARC Review: Paper Girl by Cindy R. Wilson

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 Published : 04 / 12 / 2018  by Entangled Publishing

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    Young Adult Fiction || Romance || Contemporary || Mental-Health

   Rating : AvocadoAvocadoAvocadoAvocadoAvocado
Zoe King just wants to live in her paper world. Paper is easy. Paper is predictable, it only turns into what you want it to turn into. Real life isn’t like that. When Jackson comes along, Zoe finds herself drawn to him, scared of what may happen, what will happen. Things she can’t predict. Jackson is scared of opening up; about his mom and his broken life. They both want Zoe’s paper world, but the spark between them may make all the paper burn.
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‘Paper Girl’ is absolutely amazing. Let me say this first so we all can hear it. Let me say it again. ‘Paper Girl’ is absolutely amazing. Why? The emotion, the fears that I can relate to, the need to be in control. Every teenager is scared of something, or feels like they are in the shadow of someone, or not good enough. Zoe and Jackson and Mae show everyone that not everyone is perfect, but that neither are the people you just assumed were. I loved the characters, the writing and the character development!

One thing I do find a bit annoying though, Mae and Mr. King do not have very big roles, especially when this is a rather ‘family orientated’ book. I also found that there were a few parts, such as some phrases, or overused sayings, were almost as if Cindy R. Wilson was trying to be quoted. No one is that philosophical. If they are, please teach me. ASAP. In some places, the plot seems a bit frustrated, but only due to the fact that it needed to hold in place, or backtrack to explain a few things that didn’t make sense earlier in the book. (Also, just a little nitpicking, but I don’t feel that the cover represents the story very well as there is no burning, metaphorical or otherwise, in this novel. Perhaps something relating more to panic would have suited my perception a bit better..) 

This book is either going to take off or be the favourite of those few quiet people who will hold this book so close to them that they will feel broken when their copy falls to bits. But hey, maybe they can make something out of that amazing paper, a galaxy perhaps? I cannot express just how much I need you guys to read this. Lovers of Rainbow Rowell and John Green will love this.
Have a look at our interview with the author of this 5 avocado rated novel, Cindy R. Wilson! We talk about her writing journey, struggles, fandom loves (of course) and how Cindy used her own experiences in life to help bring her own paper world to life!

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