ARC Review: Crow Flight || Susan Cunningham

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 Published : 11 / 12 / 2018  by Amberjack Publishing

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    Young Adult Fiction || Contemporary || Mystery || Romance

   Rating : Avocado Avocado Avocado Avocado Non-Avocado

Gin lives her life through her computer programmes. One to tell her how to dress, and one to tell her what to do. And one to tell her who she could love. Love Interest is a project, a way to just escape the world and code. So when she gets the opportunity to be put into an elite coding class, she takes it. Her partner Felix isn’t a match on Love Interest, so why does she feel like a flight of birds are alive in her stomach whenever she’s near him. And what is Felix’s father planning with his crows?

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With a touch of romance in this amazing coming of age novel, and a bit of coding, and a bunch of crows, what isn’t there to love? To be completely honest, I was a wee bit worried that I wouldn’t be impressed, for the cover made me think it was just another indie novel to add to the pile. Boy was I wrong! This story is one of a kind, and I encourage everyone to pick it up ASAP! The writing style was entrapping and you got so emotionally invested in the characters, yes, the crows too.

There is an element of mystery and suspense too, as Gin is trying to find out why Felix’s father, who owns a huge aviary with many crows which he charts and researches, is so unhappy with them using crows as a test subject. With curiosity as her motivation Gin finds something that she almost wishes she had never started to uncover. 

There was so much detail in this book too! And I absolutely love Gin’s best friend Hannah, for I think she was a great influence on Gin. I do wish she had a slightly bigger role to play in the novel if I am completely honest with everyone.

Read it, my friends! Even if coding isn’t your thing, it doesn’t matter! This novel is brilliant for all types of readers and I would most certainly love to hear what everyone thinks about this amazing piece of work!

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Post published 11 // 12 // 2018

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