ARC Review: A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer

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     (A Curse So Dark And Lonely #1)

   Published : 29 / 01 / 2019

       by Bloomsbury

   Genre : 
    Young Adult Fiction || Fantasy || FairyTale Retelling || Romance

  Rating : Avocado Avocado Avocado Avocado 

Harper's life isn't easy by any means, but she makes things work with her brother and mother. While her brother Jake is roughing people up to try pay back the debt their father left them in, after borrowing from the wrong people, and their mother slowly dying from cancer in her lungs, Harper doesn't think about anything but getting to the next day. When Harper finds herself taken by force to the enchanted kingdom of Emberfall, Harper must play and lie and avoid falling in love with the crown prince, who is hiding a secret of his own. Only together can they stop the monster from killing everyone. But can they do it without killing each other first?
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Let me just say I can't wait for the second book! I was immediately in love with Harper's headstrong character, who was able to work with what she got dealt with in life and strive to make things better for herself! I also was amazed at how seamlessly the plot of 'Beauty and the Beast' was woven into the story! I was enchanted *snicker* from the first few chapters!

I had a little trouble getting to understand a few of the motives behind plot changes, as I did feel that suspense was built in weird places, and then wandered off a little bit. Secondly is the fact that I was left wanting a little in the love triangle area, because yes, although they can get a bit tedious, what is more, annoying is when there is an obvious space for one but this wasn't addressed. I just found that perhaps the dynamic should have been a little bit more intense since there were quite a few implications of "well, why don't you get with her/him?'. These are probably my only issues with this novel. Well, that and the fact that I haven't gotten the second one in my hands yet.  

Ultimately, I would say that if you are into Fairy Tale retellings and the fantasy genre, as well as kick-ass characters, then 'A Curse So Dark and Lonely' is certainly the way to go! This retelling is not quite along the lines of stories like 'A Court of Thorns and Roses' but certainly try it out if a retelling is what you want. Be warned, it is a bit gruesome with a few references to suicide, so please do not feel that we have not sufficiently warned you!

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Post published 24 // 01 // 2019


  1. Sooo excited to get my grubby hands on this book, if not for the cover alone lol. Love this review, and I've been exploring your blog and I love the layout of all the things! New follower :)


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