ARC Review: A Story About Cancer With a Happy Ending by India Desjardins

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   Published : 29 / 01 / 2019 by Francis Lincoln's Children's Books

   Genre : Young Adult Fiction || Graphic Novel

   Rating : Avocado Avocado Avocado Avocado Half-Avo
A teenage girl heads towards the hospital waiting room where the doctors are going to tell her how much time she's got to live. As she walks, she thinks about her journey up to this point . . . the terrible decor in the hospital, wearing a headscarf, the horrible treatments, but also being with her friends, family, and her new boyfriend Victor. This is a story about cancer with a happy ending. It's about life, love, and especially, hope.
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This sophisticated picture book is inspirational and it honestly made for such a pleasant reading experience. Even though the title of the book declares it as having a happy ending, there were still stakes and I found myself to be nervous about what would happen to the protagonist. I feared her receiving bad news and what would happen to her family and the love story within was extremely emotional. I was left in tears at the end of the book and it drew out an emotional side in me that no other picture books have given me. This book encourages me to explore the genre more and I highly recommend it.

I believe this book is so important for children and adults and sparks up incredibly important conversations. I found myself feeling vulnerable at the end of the story and brought the issue to my attention. I found myself gravitating to articles relating to cancer and the innocent lives it’s taken. The lasting impact this book has is extreme and I'm so thankful to the author and illustrator for producing such special work. 

I definitely recommend this book to everyone and believe that it could change your life. If you know someone who’s going through cancer this book will let you help understand what it’s like to go through such a hurtful experience.

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Post published 29 // 01 // 2019

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