Bruno Opens Up About the Goodreads Reading Challenge

This year, I’m attempting to read 80 books as my Goodreads reading challenge. Last year, my reading challenge goal was a single book. This idea for a post all stemmed from Ariel Bissett’s video which I watched a few years ago. I entered the book community in late 2016. I just started my very first booklr and was eager to get through as many books as possible. In January of 2017 I moved to New Zealand, I met one of the most amazing people in the whole world, and they inspired me to start a bookstagram. That’s where I’ve been since. Of course, I’ve taken breaks and I’m now a part of this blog, but photography and reading are where I feel the most comfortable. Where I’m getting at, is that ever since late 2016, I’ve felt a sense of competition whenever reading.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s different. As Ariel states, reading has always been a very individual experience. You read by yourself, and before social media and the bookish online community, you’d go about as usual. Maybe recommending the good book to a friend, or if you were in a book club, you’d be able to discuss a single book with a group of people. It’s different for everyone but the book community places a pressure on me to always be reading. If I don’t read for a couple of days I fear others will think I’m not a “real” reader. You see others in the community and you compare yourself to them. Personally, I’m a slower reader, so when I compare myself to someone who reads 10-15 books a month while reading 5 books a month, it makes me feel like I’m not good enough at ‘reading’, which isn’t okay. It’s no one's fault, comparing yourself to others in any activity isn’t healthy, but we’re all human so we all do it.

The reading challenge extends this sense of competition. You push yourself to complete a goal, which can work for some people. If you’re competitive and motivated this works well. Personally, every time I finish a book, it excites me to mark the novel as ‘read’ and add a number onto my counter in my bio. The reading challenge also stresses me out though. I feel like I need to stay on top of everything and it crushes me when I fall behind. I’ve never failed a challenge but I promise you that if I fail it I’ll be crushed.

I’m giving the reading challenge another shot. I’ve set my goal to 80 books which will definitely be a challenge but I think I’m ready to fall back in love with reading. One of my favorite YouTubers and singers has been Dodie Clark, who recently released an album entitled ‘Human’. The first track is a song named ‘arms unfolding’ which she wrote about two friends learning to love each other again. She explained it also related to how she felt about youtube, learning to love the platform again. I think the lyrics describe how I’m feeling about bookstagram and reading. Hopefully, everything works out.

But here I am with arms unfolding
I guess it isn‘t quite the end
Oh, partner in crime
I'm going to try
To fall in love with you

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  1. AWWWWWW I get a lowkey mention I think??? Or I am just very conceited haha. Also 80 wowoowwo good luck lad you can do it


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