ARC Review: Circle of Shadows by Evelyn Skye

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(Circle of Shadows #1)
 Published : 22 / 01 / 2019  by Harpercollins AU

   Genre : 
    Young Adult Fiction || Fantasy

   Rating : Avocado Avocado AvocadoAvocadoHalf-Avo

Sora is one of the most troublesome of the Taiga’s, but she can also win any magical combat, with a blindfold on. Her gemina, soul-bound friend, Daemon is the strongest, who can win any physical encounter. Together, they are unstoppable. When the Kingdom of Kichona is under attack, the Prince is coming back to claim his throne, with a new and powerful magic in tow. With Sora under the influence of the new magic, it is up to Daemon and their friends to save her, and Kichona in the process.
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Before I even start to explain how amazing this book is, I have to apologise. I read Evelyn Skye’s ‘The Crowns Game’ trilogy, and I absolutely loved it. And so, I was extremely reluctant to even start reading this book, in fear that ‘Circle of Shadows’ wouldn’t live up to my ridiculously high expectations. I put it off, and off and off, and then, I couldn’t do it anymore. Everytime I turned on my kindle, this title would be there, staring at me. And so, I read.

I shouldn’t have been worried. Evelyn has once more captured her characters with a finesse that's hard to create, and gotten me invested in these characters within the blink of an eye. At first, I thought to myself that Spirit may not be a character I can relate with, I have nothing in common with her, after all. But again, I was proven wrong; just because you can’t relate to a character’s experience doesn’t mean that you can’t relate to them as a whole.  

The world she has created for her characters has sucked me in, and I can’t express how much I regretted putting this book off. I am now so invested, and I am in awe and anticipation as I wait for the next installment. How could I not be? The cliffy at the end had me gasping. I also love how the writing was so easy to get lost into, almost like you were reading an old favourite for the first time all over again. Before I knew it, I had been 80% of the way through the book.

This is a book that I would happily read again and again, if not only to prepare myself for the Prince’s return to power in the next installment. I cannot express just how much I need everyone to read this book, it is so beautifully written.

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Post published 27 // 03 // 2019

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