Bruno's Guide on How to Get Out of a Reading Slump

Book slumps can be awful, especially if all you want is to fall in love with a book but it’s just not working out. I’ve decided to create a step by step guide to refer back to whenever you’re falling into a slump. This post will instruct you on how to get through a dreaded dip in your interest of reading. Before we get started, I thought you should know that I’ve recently just gotten out of a slump and now I’m back into reading! It’s honestly the best experience to be able to get through a reading slump and rekindle your love for reading. Just remember to trust that everything will work out and you’ll always find a way to beat this.

Step One: Don't Panic

The first step to getting over a reading slump is to accept that it’s happening and to stay calm. I’ve been through quite a few reading slumps and it either happens slowly over time or all at once. In those times where it’s happening slowly over time, you should identify that you’re slowly losing interest because if you identify it sooner, the easier it is to stop them from happening. If you start to panic and get into a mad frenzy to read all the books you can, you could feel lost and overwhelmed which will drive you further into the reading slump.

Step Two: Finding the Right Book

This really depends on your reading taste but I have a few suggestions that can help you! Try and pick a book that’s short and that you believe you’ll enjoy. Hyped new releases are a good option to get over slumps because it’s fun to talk about the novel online with friends, getting you back into the fun book community. Contemporaries work best for me, when reading fantasy you tend to have to hold on to many different ideas and details about the world the author has created. If you mainly read fantasy books I suggest opting out for super high fantasy as urban fantasy is easier to get through and requires less energy (in my opinion).

Audiobooks are amazing and can really help you get through a slump! You can use an app called ‘Libby’ which connects to your public library and allows you to lend audiobooks for free. Run a warm bath and connect the app to a speaker and relax while listening to an incredible novel. Make sure you enjoy the narrator because some are more pleasant to listen to than others. One other ‘category’ of books to help you get through a slump is to reread a novel you fell in love with. Novels like Harry Potter (which may be a bit too long) are great options as for many people those books got them into reading. Pick out your favourite book of all time and read it (or listen to it through audiobook). It’s always nice to revisit a story you loved and rereading novels is always such a wonderful experience.

Step Three: Find the Time

A big reason why people fall into reading slumps is a busy schedule. It’s sometimes hard to find the time throughout the week to pick up a book, even if it’s a novel you're really interested in. Once you’ve chosen a book from step two it’s time to create a schedule and stick to it. This is extremely important if you’re lacking the motivation to read. Push yourself to read for an hour every day before bed. Put your phone in the room next to yours and light a candle or turn on a bedside table light and get into the novel. Set a timer for an hour so you don’t stay up later than desired. I suggest breaking up reading time instead of reading the whole novel in one sitting. That way you keep coming back for every day and you create a routine in your brain. It’s also fun to have a special place to read. That furthers the routine, just make sure you’re comfortable.

Step Four: Take a Break from the Book Community

Taking a break from the book community (book blogging, bookstagram, booktube etc) helps you recentre yourself and also gives you more time to focus on the busy events happening in your life and gives you more time to read. This only applies if you run an account because I suggest always watching/following/reading your favourite creators to give them support and it also allows you to find new books to read. Your following will still be there when you come back, and it’s human to need a break from blogging/creating content. This steps not always required but if you’re struggling to get motivation then I think putting aside social media is a good idea.

Step Five: Keep Trying

The only way the reading slump will win, is if you let it. Keep on trying different books until you find one that captivates your attention. If you fell in love with reading, chances are that you’re love for novels will return after you’ve taken some time. Sometimes reading slumps are inevitable and we all just have to accept that they’re going to be a part of your reading journey. The worst thing you can do is stop reading, so keep persisting and you’ll make it through this slump. Even if you stop reading it’ll all work out and sooner or later it’ll go back to normal.

Best of luck to all of you dealing with a slump and I hope you’re able to work through it! - Bruno!

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