ARC Review: Tilly Maguire and the Royal Wedding Mess by Emma Grey

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 Published : 17 / 12 / 2018  by Harpercollins AU

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    Young Adult Fiction || Contemporary || Romance

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Aspiring writer, 18-year-old Tilly Maguire, is a totally reformed ex-superfan of British boy band singer, Reuben Vaughan. Yeah, she was going to marry him when she was thirteen, but that fangirl phase is way in her past now, along with an unfortunate side ponytail and a weird obsession with galaxy leggings - ugh. Cringe! When her writing wins Tilly a six-week internship at a top London PR firm, she doesn't expect to stumble from a long-haul flight straight into an A-list debacle of her own making, but these things happen. She proves to the entire world that jet lag and social media definitely don't mix. Obviously, Tilly didn't intend to get tangled in a ridiculous scandal involving the British royal family. She's not the attention-seeking type! She's just a socially awkward introvert, with a galloping case of anxiety made even worse after a high-profile run-in with the very last person she ever imagined she'd meet for real. Not on her gap year, anyway. And not like this!

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Tilly Maguire and the Right Royal Wedding Mess by Emma Grey is a delightful contemporary full of drama. I must admit, I did struggle through getting through the beginning of the novel but once you get more into the novel you start caring about what’s playing out and the eventful journey Tilly goes through. Grey’s writing style is fun and easy to read, it lets you jump right into the plot and you feel as though these characters are your friends.

After the slow pacing of the first few chapters, I flew through the novel extremely quickly and loved every minute of it. I must admit I was rather sad when the novel ended and I had to leave these characters alone. I really couldn’t put down this novel and I recommend it to all lovers of romance and young adult contemporaries. At times I did struggle with the protagonist, Tilly Maguire, something about some of the decisions she was making just irked me the wrong way which is the main reason why I didn’t rate this book 5 stars.  

I’m extremely keen to read other works by Grey in the future! I’m keen to get my hands on ‘Unrequited’ and I’ll look out for any upcoming novels she puts out in the future. Overall, I recommend this book to all chick-lit, romance lovers. If you’re not into that genre I think you’ll have a hard time loving this book because it doesn’t take itself seriously.

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