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Who Would Your Parents Be?
Hmm. Well, personally, I think it’s pretty hard to pick a new set of parents, cause I love the ones I already have. However, out of many, many, many books (eek, no jokes I have had to move my books from my bedroom to the office) I have to believe that (yes I am kinda going with the flow) Arthur and Molly Weasley! They really do love how supportive they are if their children, and while it may not always be what they imagined to be a prodigy job, they never judge and love their children (and Harry) regardless.

Who Would Be Your Sister?
I have never had a sister, so I wouldn’t know how the dynamics work. Looking at my series and standalone (which are now no longer alone, I am lowkey drowning in paperbacks)I would have to say, Emma Carstairs is probably my favorite option. I love how entirely dedicated she is to her family and I would really love to have a sister who would be able to look out for me. It doesn’t hurt that I would love to have someone to actually kick me into action about my so-called workout routine.

Who Would Be Your Brother?
Now, I do have a brother, well, step-brother (not the ugly sort I swear). And to be pretty honest, he is really great at his brotherly jobs. But if I had to have another brother, I would have to say that it would be Simon Spier. He is portrayed as a really sweet, bonding character who I think would be the perfect brother. He is witty, he is nice and I honestly don’t care at all about him being gay, to me people’s orientation, they are who they are and as long as they are a good person, I don’t have anything against them.

Who Would Be Your Pet?
Jamie-Fox-Pickle! And although I love absolutely every animal in the Throne of Glass series and for a second, whilst ranting to a friend about my must do post, (this one, duh) that she even dared to say “what about that dragon from the same series?” Let me tell you that I most definitely said some few statements. Somethings like...His name is ABRAXOS...he is not a dragon he is a wyvern… he has his own wyvern mate… he is not a pet! Sorry, but boy was I offended.

Where Would You Live?
Again, I have so many maps in my books and I have realized that there is no other place than Velaris that I would rather be. The music that literally saved Feyre’s life, the life, and laughter that helps Rhysand show what it is like to be loved, and let’s not forget the Starfall ceremony and the beauty. No more needs to be said.

Where Would You Go To School?
Can I say Hogwarts? No? Okay, well, too bad, because I would most definitely go to Hogwarts, but let us also think about The School of Good/Evil, the Sword and Cross Academy, and finally the Vampire Academy. Let me choose a random one and say... Hogwarts! Okay, it wasn’t random, it was totally biased but I will not be open to your judgment please and thank you. However, I don’t know how well I would cope being in the Slytherin Common Rooms… Under the Lake… where it is very dark...

Who Would Be Your Best Friend?
Everyone knows you can’t have one best friend! I mean, I have Beth, Yoshi (a nickname, not the Mario game character I swear I am not that lonely), Nadia and Eli and Beth, plus a few more. Sorry, off topic. Okay, well I would have to have Lysandra! Yas, they are both so empowering and entertaining and would not put up with my crap, which is good.

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