ARC Review: Crown of Feathers by Nicki Pau Preto

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 Published : 25 April  by InkRoad

   Genre : 
    Young Adult Fiction || Fantasy

 Rating : AvocadoAvocadoAvocadoAvocadoAvocado

In a world ruled by Queens of war, known as Phoenix Riders, two sisters start a war that will rip them from their thrones, not to return. These sisters swore that their throne would not come between them, but they both know that it is either rule, or be ruled. Or die trying to avoid either. Years pass, and Val and Veronyka are two sisters trying to hatch their own Phoenix’s, to become the lost Phoenix Riders who died years ago. With force moving against them, and the sisters splitting after a tangled web of lies is revealed, Veronyka must do whatever it takes to become a Phoenix Rider. Impersonation is nothing, but the new and gaping hole in her heart is something not so easily ignored.

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Um, Wow!? I was - no, am - so impressed with Nicki Pau Preto’s Crown of Feathers and I can honestly say that this book has ranked itself on my bookshelf both digitally and (soon to be) physically alongside ACOTAR and White Stag. I was captured from the first few pages, feeling a very similar relationship between Val and Veronyka as I did between Agatha and Sophie from School of Good and Evil, but that’s where all relations with other books finish. Crown of Feathers is a book like no others and is pure genius.

I was extremely impressed with the ease that I read the different POV’s, for each character, had their own unique voice. It can be quite hard to do, for a lot of authors fall into the trap of using too similar mental voice and actions, and only changing their speaking style. I found no trace of these problems, and I was able to form my opinions of the story and characters very quickly, which did change with the story.  

I felt like a sprinkling more of foreshadowing would have really enhanced this story, and that I wish the suspense had been cut down slightly, but other than that I have no problems with Crown of Feathers. In fact, I would say that I have the same agonising wait in front of me that I suffer from waiting for a new Shadow Hunter instalment (which I may, or may not be, watching the Netflix adaptation of as I write this review :P). I will admit though, I am pretty sure the suspense issue is just me being impatient.

Let me also say, I am so very obsessed with all the little extras that go with this amazing book, all of which I have found at @nickipaupreto on Twitter, and these amazing quote graphics from Amazon. Also, please enjoy my own graphic design using the pronunciation on Nicki’s website!

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"I am Emma, Rider of Xal-Una"!

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Post published 25 // 04 // 2019

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  1. Oh my gosh! This sounds like such an amazing book! The synopsis kind of reminds me of a different duo-logy I read a while ago!!!


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