The Pro's and Con's of an ARC

The Pro's
I get the first look into what will be hitting the shelves
. And you may be thinking ‘Um, Emma, isn’t that the whole point?’ To a degree, you would be right, but receiving and reviewing an ARC is so much more than that. But yes, there is a degree of me just wanting to be able to get a heads up, not to mention how exciting it is to see a book you were sent digitally on the shelf. Especially in New Zealand, where not every book gets shipped here.

There are some amazing books to find
, and found we have. I’ve read so many books that I liked but finding a book that you love, even one that isn’t identified as an ARC, isn’t the easiest feat. To name just a few that I couldn’t possibly give a bad review to. Not only that, but you also find some new favourite authors!

I am able to support some new and debuting authors
, some who may never quite get the Bloomsbury treatment, and some who certainly will. It can be difficult to get your name out into the world, we would know, being a blog and all. Publicity is important, and people say there is no such thing as bad publicity. It also makes me feel pretty good to be able to help support an author and get their book out to readers.

One thing I believe will never get old is helping the community find their next read. It’s an amusing and amazing thing to be able to talk to others in the book community and to learn their stories. It is also great to be able to help others find their next read (and perhaps find one of my own).

This is something that most readers struggle with: gaining the finances to buy new books. So that’s why I love the fact that ARC’s are free and it makes it so much better when it’s a book or author you have begun to fall in love with. Also, without them, my bankaccount is very, very depleted, and is very difficult to get back up. Especially with new releases around every corner.

The Cons's
Being forced into reading can be extremely stressful, especially if you aren’t in the mood to be reading. Being forced into reading can be stressful, and the ever-looming time constraint can open up its own avenues of stress. In my opinion, being stressed while reading almost isn’t worth it, but you feel like you must just because you don’t want to let down your following and the author.

A con, which I hate admitting to, is that you can get some really crappy books, which is really hard as a reviewer as well as a reader. I want to be nice to the author and give them some helpful feedback, but it is so difficult to read a bad book and not give a bad review. Well, we give a bad review but try to be nice about it.

I don’t want to be mean! Like I said before, it is really hard to not be cruel, or come across as cruel, when reviewing a book that you perhaps didn’t like very much. Regardless of how you sound, you could perhaps come across as a little mean, even when that isn’t your intention. Trust me, it’s never my intention.

When looking through possible ARCs on platforms such as Netgalley, you have to filter through so many possible books, and you can’t always tell if it’s going to be a stunner. Sometimes you read a blurb and think ‘Hmm, maybe’ and it absolutely sucks, other times it’s something you don’t feel comfortable reading, and other times there are great books. But you can’t always be sure.

If you’re not in the mood for reading, then that’s really too bad.
Time constraints can force you into reading a book that you really don’t want to ruin by stress, and putting it off can mean you form a bad reputation with a publisher or author you haven't worked with before. It really is a fine line to walk.

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