ARC Review: The Quiet You Carry by Nikki Barthelmess

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 Published : 05 / 03 / 2019  by Flux Now

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    Young Adult Fiction || Contemporary || Drama || Romance

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Victoria Parker knew her dad's behaviour toward her was a little unusual, but she convinced herself everything was fine—until she found herself locked out of the house at 3:00 a.m., surrounded by flashing police lights. Now, dumped into a crowded, chaotic foster home, Victoria has to tiptoe around her domineering foster mother, get through a senior year at a new school, and somehow salvage her college dreams . . . all while keeping her past hidden. But some secrets won't stay buried—especially when unwanted memories make Victoria freeze up at random moments and nightmares disrupt her sleep. Even worse, she can't stop worrying about her stepsister Sarah, left behind with her father. All she wants is to move forward, but how do you focus on the future when the past won't leave you alone?

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First of all, I just wanted to say that I absolutely loved this book! I was really invested in the plot and some moments broke and tore apart, while other times I couldn’t stop smiling. I have a few minor issues with the novel which made my reading experience difficult at times. Those issues aside, I gave this book 4 avocadoes because of the engaging plot, the characters (most of the time), and the messages it held in relation to our society.

As I mentioned before, I did have a few issues with the novel that made it hard at points to really get into the novel at first, but the book overcame these flaws over the course of the novel. An issue i had was that I found the main character, Victoria, rather annoying and a little bit of a biatch sometimes. I understand that her history causes her to not be as positive - however, she regularly dismissed her friends who were genuinely trying to help her and give them the cold shoulder for no reason. This made my connection to the main character weaker because I felt like I related to her less and I tended to dislike many of the decisions she made. I did grow to love her and relate to Victoria over the course of the novel which I was a big fan of and I really grew to adore the novel.  

Ultimately, I would definitely recommend this book to lovers of contemporaries, with caution as it deals with issues of sexual abuse. I believe this story needed to be told and it educated me on how foster care is really like. Definitely remember to pick up The Quiet You Carry and let us know what you thought of it!

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