ARC Review: When Summer Ends by Jessica Pennington

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 Published : 09 / 04 / 2019  by Macmillan / Tor-Forge

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    Young Adult Fiction || Contemporary || Romance

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Aiden quit the baseball team, forcing himself to focus on the 80 days he has to prove to Mr Winter that his art is good enough to take him on as a senior. Hopefully, he can do it before he loses his eyesight completely. Zander was counting on scouts to come looking for Aiden, and therefore him, and is more than mad when he quits the team with no explanation. After breaking up with his girlfriend, Olivia has also found herself thrown into the deep end of the river. She has to move at the end of the summer, her dream internship which she somehow managed to score has been shut down, and her no show mother suddenly won the 2 million dollar lottery, thinking that it’s the way to win back her daughter. Aiden and Olivia work together at the most popular tourist hotspot of the summer, but how will their own summer fling end?

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‘When Summer Ends’ was really refreshing to read a YA novel that wasn’t ‘angst, angst, angst, angst’! I found this to be a really cruisey, fun and relaxing read, one perfect to read in the summer! Unfortunately, at the moment in NZ it’s autumn, so I didn’t get to experience that myself. It was really nice to read about how Aiden and Olivia work through their relationship over the summer, and the difficulties they face, the main one being whether or not their relationship will outlive the summer season. It wasn’t my typical summer romance cliche, which was refreshing.

I only have two points in this novel where I felt it fell short. One was the problem building, as I felt that there was a lot of build up to an issue but the issue itself was resolved really quickly. It put me off a bit, but I found it easy to get over because it wasn’t a deal breaker for me. The second was that I felt the epilogue should have included Olivia’s perspective as well. It was great to see how Aiden had progressed and what was happening with him, but since the whole book was told from both perspectives, I wish the epilogue has as well. From another aspect though, I’m choosing to look at it rather like a John Green novel, as he also likes to let the reader imagine what the characters did after the book ends. I like to imagine that they go on living, but their story has finished. 

This novel is cute and fluffy which I really like, and let me just put it here with you guys as my witnesses that Aiden is amazing! Now, if you’re someone who thinks ahead into a book rather like me (a curse from my English classes in junior high), then you can probably predict in a general sense how the book will end, but this book is just so cute that I don’t care!

I recommend this to all my readers who. Just. Want. Fluff. It is so cute!

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Post published 09 // 04 // 2019

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