ARC Review: The Path Keeper || NJ Simmons

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 Published : 28 May, 2019  by BHC Press, H2O

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    Young Adult Fiction || Romance || Fantasy

   Rating : Avocado Avocado Avocado Avocado Half-Avo

True love sounds like something out of a fairy tale, and not at all what her flighty mother, Felicity, has with her new, older, husband Richard. After being thrown into modern day London as the new it-girl, Ella is struggling to adapt to her new lifestyle of living in mansions, and going to clubs. And then along came Zac. With a feeling like she’s known him her whole life, Ella starts to doubt her self-taught disbelief in the words ‘true love’, but what if Zacs secret is the one thing that could make her doubt everything else? Ella has to think about how much does fate have to do with everything, and how can she change her own.

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I’m not gonna lie to you guys, I was nervous at first. There was a huge time jump, which was easy enough to read, and I started getting super duper invested. I started to see how the stories all tied together, and then I was rolling around on the floor squealing when I finally figured it out. I’m bursting at the seams, guys, and I need some serious help. I was hooked immediately into the easy writing style and world that NJ Simmons has created!

Me to me, after I understood something that was probably super obvious, but none-the-less exciting

I am glad, though, that there was a huge waring about explicit sex, sexual abuse and violence, but these scenes were all very vital to the plot of the entire novel, and I never felt like one was over used. The characters were well developed, however I wish that we had learnt more about Felicity, especially near the beginning of the novel, because although it did tie in with the whole plot, I was left vaguely annoyed by her presence in the book. I also felt that there was a tad too much “I have to leave, it’s for your own good” and “no, please, I need you!” and “Okay, but only because you need me”, and it turned into a bit of a vicious cycle, up until we reach pt. 2, and then it’s a home run! (Did I get the sports metaphor right?)  

Me trying to use metaphors about something I will never understand

This is a book that you definitely need to read, especially if you love books that leave you in constant suspense! Another winning point for me was, as a lot of people know, I am a sucker for a poem at the beginning of a book, and The Path Keeper started out with the 1997 poem ‘Tell Me Who I Am’ by Robert George Dew. Also, the dedication said ‘May we meet again…” which I immediately related to The 100, one of the best CW shows EVER!
I am the father of my spirit
The mother of my mind.
A brother of the universe
The sister of all time.
I am the chess board master
The king, the queen, the pawn.
I am the darkest darkness
I am the brightest dawn.
I am the classic poet
Yet still the foolish clown.
I am the one who's white and red
Look,now I'm even brown.
I am the earth, the air, the trees
I am the birds reprieved.
I am the shores of Mother Time
Where Father Neptune feeds.
I am the rich man's burden
Afore the poor man's prize.
I am the astral courier
Who wears the clear blue eyes.
I am the harbour of all calm
I am the raging seas.
I am the bleak, harsh loneliness
I am tehrefreshing breeze.
I am the desert plains
The mighty mountain rock.
I am the forest foilage
Where seeds of life shall flock.
I am a gift to all mankind
I am a curse to man.
Now I've exposed enough to you
Come, tell me who I am.

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Post published 21// 05// 2019

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