ARC Review: And We Call it Love by Amanda Vink

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 Published : 01 / 06 / 2019  by West 44 Books

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    Young Adult Fiction || Poetry || Friendship

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Clare and Zari are best friends,who do everything together, from travelling to writing music. They knew everything about each other, from favourite colors to relationship secrets. Until Zari starts dating Dion. With Dion around, Clare feels like Zari doesn’t spend enough, if any time with her. At first it was expected, two teens in love. Now, Clare suspects that something darker is going on, something as dark as the bruises starting to litter Zari’s body.

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Wow, okay, I am very behind on reviewing recently and I seriously apologise! I found ‘And We Call it Love’ far better than some of the other poetry written YA novels I have found, but it certainly didn’t stand out to me. There were some pages where I felt captivated and caught, unable to get the words out of my head, but more than not I found it lacking. It was lyrical, but meaningless. The poems that represented the story seems to only hold the purpose of telling a story, rather than trying to get the reader to engage with it. For someone who wants to be wowed, this ain’t it (chief (okay, I’m sorry, I had to do that)) but it certainly is a lightgoing and easy book to read when you are looking for a change in your reading diet.

Clare and Zari both have similar thought processes, which I understand comes from being long-time friends, but I found it difficult to have a stark difference between the POV I was reading from. I think that the message explored within this novel, such as abusive relationships, friendship and self-worth (and therefore, self-discovery) are very important ones, and this is a book that starts to explore these very well! This book is perfect for middle grade to tween readers, so I may be looking for something a little more sophisticated to quench my personal preferences, but this is still an amazing novel. 

To sum up my opinion on this debut novel by Amanda Vink, ‘And We Call it Love’ deals with some extremely important themes, such as abusive relationships, friendship and self-worth (and therefore, self-discovery), and is great if you are looking for something to change up your reading a little bit, or if you are looking for something to introduce you into the world of YA - Middle Grade poetry novels.

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Post published 3 // 06 // 2019


  1. Poetry is not really my thing- but this is a great review!

  2. Great to hear your thoughts on this book-- I haven't read much poetry myself but this seems like it covers some important topics. I'm sorry it didn't wow you like you wanted though but glad it was still a good book.
    Lovely review!!

    1. Thank you! It wasn't for me, but it did certainly explore some hard topics and make me think, so I'm still glad I read it :)


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