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Hi everyone! I'm posting again this week for two reasons! One: I thought that you all deserved a post, along with the blog tour, and Two: I was nominated by the beautiful and aesthetic Vaishnavi, whose blog is such an amazing place to visit! Please go check out her most recent post of some rose photos she took!


Right-o, let's get down to business to defeat, the Huns!


  • thank the person who nominated you
  • Vaishnavi, thank you so much for tagging me! I really appreciate it and am really excited!

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Let's get this show on the road!

Why did you start blogging & why have you kept blogging?
  • Well, for those of you who don’t know, I found a post-it note with a short, twelve word review inside the Library copy of "Running Girl". I followed the link, and found it to be a short post-it-note project where Summer, the creator, wrote a list of all the books she put post-it-notes in. Since then it has been shut down.

  • It gave me the inspiration to create a blog, and I asked Bruno to join me, who had recently moved to NZ at the time, had been really kind to me and leant me books to read, unfortunately, I was very cold towards Bruno at first, but life goes on and friendships grow. PS Bruno I’m still really sorry for being mean to you when you moved here🙈.

  • Since then, I have had so much fun learning how to blog, and becoming apart of this amazing community! I taught myself about coding, and writing more, and how to start coming up with ideas, and the most important one…. TIME MANAGEMENT!

  • My love of books and reading has been going from day one, and running a blog makes sense! I want to get into publishing once I leave school, and that is my ultimate goal. This blog had given me a leg up, and helped me come to that decision. It has also given Bruno the chance to work on his Graphic Designing skills!

What is your favorite type of blog post to write?
  • Oooh. I wouldn’t say I have a specific type of post that I like to write! I just enjoy writing for the blog in general! Reviews are ones I will always love and hate because I want to share my opinion with you guys! I also enjoy having a set template to work with! However, there are a few things that I really enjoy about writing non-review posts!

  • Seeing that a post has done really well comment wise makes me so freaking happy! I love reading everyone's opinions, critiques and support about what I write! It boosts my confidence and I love being able to have posts that people want to comment on!

What are your top 3 favorite blog posts?
  • Top three? Well, I would say my post about “Is There Too Much Pressure to Love Harry Potter?” Unfortunately, I don’t understand where it has gone as it has disappeared from the blog! If you guys want me to try repost, let me know, because I can try coding it again! The images may not be the exact same though… Out of my successful and live posts, I would have to say:

  • Is the Bar Lower, or Higher, for YA Rather Than NA or A? This is a post I put up that didn’t get a lot of traction, but I still love the points I made.

    A Snippet: This is a tough one. Young Adult is held in very high esteem, as although the plots and characters are targeted to relate to the younger spectrum of adults (even though none of us knows how to adult), the readers are not limited to young adults themselves. YA is read by people of all ages, from children who read above their grade to adults who find the NA and Adult novels boring and monotonous. I’m faced with the issue that people of all ages have always faced, and been a little riffed by “You have to respect your elders!”

  • Spoilers, Should We Have Them At All? Has gotten a lot of opinions on it, and I really love the interaction that goes on in this post! Spoilers are a huge deal in this side of the blogosphere, so I wanted to share my opinions on how to go about them, or more accurately, how annoying it is when spoilers are not flagged and you no longer want to read the book.

    A Snippet: So, recently I’ve been trying to be more active on other people’s blogs rather than just concerning myself with AFCTL, and something I seem to have encountered a lot of, is spoilers. I’ll admit, most blogs are good, they have a spoiler warning, but the worst thing is when I’ve been wanting to read a book, or a book sounds super cool, and then there is an uncensored spoiler. I’m left reeling, feeling let down and spoiled for something that I wanted to enjoy for myself. I compare it to Marvel's Endgame, it is so very very important to #don’tspoiltheEndgame, and I myself am lucky as I have seen it. However, this also applies with the most recent season of Game of Thrones, which I haven’t caught up on yet.

  • Being Aesthetic Teens with Moodboards?🌟💫 is by far my most popular post yet, and I really enjoyed making it more than anything! This post introduces a new self-set challenge and uses waayyyy too many emojis!

    A Snippet: Hello bookish 📚 people! Today, we diecided to go for something a little bit different, with a series of 💫aesthetic boards💫! I've chosen the topic of Winter ☃️ Reading! I'll go into a little more depth for each of these a bit later on, but here's a little run down of something extra we are gonna be adding to A Few Chapters 'til Love, too! A Monthly 💫Aesthetic💫 / Challenge. Yep, that's why we are doing this! Starting from today, AFCTL will be doing a monthly challenge based off of an 💫aesthetic💫! For example, this month, AFCTL has chosen the 💫 aesthetic💫 of a Winter ☃️ Reading theme! This means that we will be creating a bookish 📚 💫 aesthetic💫 board based off of this topics, and then writing a short reasoning for this at the bottom!

What are some of your favorite things to do to relax?
  • Reading, obviously! I don’t always want to read an ARC, or a suspenseful novel as that can stress me out even more, but reading in general is something that always relaxes me!

  • TV + Netflix binging is another, and a vice hobby I will never ever give up! I’ve recently just finished ‘Dead to Me’ and ‘I Am Mother’. ‘I Am Mother’ gave me quite similar feelings about the film as a book called ‘Toxic’ by Lydia Kang, which Bruno reviewed a while back. I too have read it, but the film soon differs from the book in the second half.

  • Napping! I will stay up until ungodly hours of the morning, if not staying awake the whole time, but something I love to do is nap! I will say though, recently I have been struggling to sleep well, so I am not napping nearly as much as I wish I was!

  • Finally, working on the blog! Yes, I know, it can be hard work, but sometimes going on here is just what I need to wind down from a day where nothing has gone right for me, because I know that here there are no rules to follow and comply to except the ones we make up, so I can’t get criticized for what I write, or how I write it. :)

What are your three favorite things?
  • I am going to go for a very literal approach here and assume that this means items or physical things, so I cannot say anything other than my Kindle, my camera, and Netflix. No more needs to be said.

What are your proudest blogging moments?
  • Hmmm. Firstly, when we got our first comment, that was huge for me because Bruno and I had worked so hard, and we got some amazing and positive recognition from another blogger!

  • My first ARC read also would be a top moment. I mean, it wasn’t very good, looking back now, but I was so happy when I first got that ARC!

  • Fixing the HUGE coding bug and theme bug in the website. We used to have an old theme where there was a grid blog-feed, at 4x4, but only three posts would show up!? It was extremely frustrating! Eventually, I moved to a new theme, and only three posts showed up on the feed we have now! I figured it out eventually, but it took over a month and I was sick of it! Getting that fixed was probably my proudest blogging moments as it meant that we have a working blog!

What are your hobbies outside of blogging?
  • Outside of blogging? What is that? I’m kidding guys please I am fine, I know how to leave the house! To do that, I go out the front door, which I know for certain is down the hall…. I think Photography is huge for me! I love my camera so much and taking photos of natural landscapes and flowers and birds is so cool! I especially love taking photos of the moon! Ft. One of my photos of the moon!

  • Reading is a given, obviously :)

  • Eating. It may not be "defined" as a "hobby", but I am going to put it anyway. I never stop eating. I will eat everything but shellfish and olives. I am always asking for food. And yet this never stops me from telling parents or hosts that I’m not hungry when they offer me food. Darn my social awkwardness!

  • Contrary to popular belief, I do indeed do exercise! I know! Sometimes it shocks me too! I like to go on walks, and there is a cool bush path down near where I used to live, so I can still go there.

Describe your personality in three words.
  • Well, I personally chose the words “Bossy” and “creative” but then I couldn’t figure out a third. I asked my friends, and their answers I think pretty much sums up my group of friends as a whole.

    • Questionable - the analytical friend who writes and is very good (@ them: WHERE IS THE NEXT CHAPTER?!)

    • Boring - the friend who low-key insults you everytime, but then they say JK and you know they actually are kidding and not taking a dig at you

    • *yawns*. Yes. He yawned when I asked him to use one word to describe my personality. It speaks volumes of both his opinion of me, and of who he is as a person.

    • *hoots once like an owl*. Yes, this is the same guy who yawned, he waited and thought before turning and saying “wait, I know how to describe you! *hoots*”.

    • A “Cool-Kid” - the mom friend

    • Quirky - the friend you talk to a lot more out of school than in it.

    • Thief - because I constantly steal his hat, and any time he spends with me he cannot get back.

What are your top three pet peeves?
  • People not fully shutting doors. What is with that?

  • Trailing off in the middle of a sentence. It makes me so mad because then I try to complete the sentence on their behalf and get it WRONG but then they trail off AGAIN when trying to correct me!

  • Folding the corners of books. This isn’t a pet peeve, but a crime against humanity!

I tag:
  • Everyone! Techinically everyone is more than 5

  • Please leave me your answers, opinions or links to your post below! I would love to read them! :) If you want me to officially tag you, leave me a comment and I will add you to the post! Sorry it was so long XD


  1. Fun post! I always enjoy getting to know blogger buddies better. Also- I don’t know what the post it challenge is, but it sounds awesome and I think I’d love to give it a go.

    Was the person who started it just leaving notes to direct people to their blog and say hello?

    1. I'm not too sure! She called it 'the Post-it-Note Project' and included a list of the books she had stuck a note to, with her url at the bottom. It wasn't an interactive blog, I tried commenting but it had been a year or so since she had updated and the comment never got a reply.

      I'm thinking of hosting a Post-it-Note challenge for people to try, would you like to be added in the post? It will probably take me a week or so.

  2. The post it note thing is so cool! Writing blog posts strangely calms me too haha + ah I really do get annoyed when a door isn't shut fully.

    1. I know! There is something therapeutic about being able to talk about a topic you're interested in! I'm currently staring at a not-fully-shut door and I want it shut but I am warm in bed! :(

  3. Great post (: I can't believe one of your top three posts vanished! That's awful and so frustrating. I don't think I've feld the page of a book in years although I do sometimes have an annoying habit of leaving them open upside down which I know isn't great for the spine. I do try to use bookmarks but I have a tendency to drop them then have to leave the book like that whilst I find them again /:

    1. I know! I wonder if I didn't accidentally delete it? My grandfather is the one who told me about folding pages, and I will admit that I used it a little bit, but now I can't believe I would ever do it because it warps all the pages!

    2. I guess that's possible. Sometimes weird things happen on websites too though so I honestly don't know. I know, I couldn't imagine doing it now either as it ruins the book :(

    3. I know! I feel guilty now, like I'm hurting someone :(

  4. oh my gosh, you're too sweet? -gushes over the fact that she was called "aesthetic"- your answers were so fun to read (plus your friends are hilarious). the post-it-note challenge is such a cool idea. personally, a lot of people i.r.l. don't know about my blog, and the riskiest thing I've ever done is.. wait for it.. leave my blog-screen open in my school's library macs. I know, I'm such a rebel -hair flip- also, your moon photo is lovely.. you have such a beautiful photographer's eye. it is just amazing. ok, I completely get you. it seems like a petty thing, but even when it's 3 A.M. and I come to bed, and someone doesn't close the door, I just sprint over and shut it. not that hard, right? well apparently -humph- but omw, you have a wonderful personality, and I thoroughly enjoyed this post.

    1. Thank you so much! I know, a few ppl know about this site, but I don't tell everyone? I mention it when the whole "what do you want to do after school" sort of thing. Again, thank you so much!

  5. Ahh.. I loved reading your answers and why you started blogging is a really cool story!! And yes to TV-- I love watching it-- it is just so relaxing and Netflix is perfect for that!! You have some really cool proud blogging moments-- I remember getting my first comment it was so cool!! And getting an ARC is amazing!! And YAY to photography-- it is also something I like (I don't do it much but I think it is awesome) and the picture of the moon is very impressive-- I love it!! And of course I love food too-- and I always say no when people offer me food too even if I want it haha!!
    And people shouldn't fold the corners of books-- I agree!!
    Great Tag!!!

  6. Hey Emma! I just found your blog through Vaish (she's amazing, right?) and goshh, I'm in love!!! We both have a ton in common :D and YEESH you're so good at photography! I love it, but I'm not thattt great. I loved your story about why you started blogging. For me it was more of an impulse, haha ;) but now I definitely don't regret it! FOOODDD for liffeee. Neverr fold corners of books. I SWEAR. Well, I hope we can become friends Emma! <3

    1. Hi!!! Just responded to your second comment first? (Upside down day?) And Omygosh yes she is!! Thank you so much for the photography love! I prefer nature-y stuff, and bruno takes awesome photos of books on his bookstagram! Would love to be friends too! :)))


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