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Hiya bookish people!

I've been tagged by Charlotte @ Bewitching Books, Ravenous Reads to do this super cool tag! This will help me clear the air up a bit around some books I am NOT going to be reading anytime soon. The tag was created by Madison @ Madison’s Inkwell! Let's dive in!


My Sister’s Keeper. I find the premise quite disturbing, and I saw the film before reading the book (gasp, I know, illegal!) and found it to be far below my already low expectations - which is saying something since I set the bar low as it is a book to movie adaptation. I know a lot of people say that it is good, but I just don’t like the sound of the entire plot.


I know this will be a suprise to some, but The Selection. I enjoyed it up until the third book, and then I felt the third installment lost a lot of meaning and didn’t really add anything to the ongoing plot. I don’t think I will finish this series in the future anytime soon, although I do really like Kiera Cass’ writing, such as Siren.


A Tale of Two Cities. I have a set of three Charles Dickens books with matching covers, and I got for $1.50 ( I know! It was so cheap so I just had to get them, I was only going to get Oliver Twist but saw the other two from the set so I got those too! ) total at a second hand book store. I have read the other two (Great Expectations and Oliver Twist) but I struggled to get into a Tale of Two Cities.

I apologise for the horrible photo but I took it at night so I had no good lighting to use

I straight up refuse to read Erotica and Self-Help. Fanficiton is certainly steamy, but I do not enjoy reading full on books all about sex; I need a strong plot, too. I also find the situations that characters get into extremely unrealistic and I guess that also dampens it for me. Self-help, well, I am just really bad at taking people's advice, and it is no different from a book that is dedicated to help me. Give me subtle hints people although I might miss them because I am very oblivious.


I am going to take a little bit of creative license with this one: I am most certainly never going to even look at Midnight Sun by Trish Cook ever again. I got through maybe 7 chapters? It was far too similar to TFIOS, which came out before Midnight Sun, and also similar to Everything, Everything, which was also released prior to Midnight Sun. I felt that the book fell really short, and I don’t think it is because the trope got old - look at 5 Feet Apart, it came out more recently but is very popular! I am surprised they even made this book into a film, especially considering it flopped too (22% on Rotten Tomatoes, ouch!). I just have to say, if you are going to be using a trope, make sure what you are writing is original and unique, not trashy. Sorry not sorry for the rant.

Woah, I didn’t realise I was so passionate about not reading some of these before I actually sat down to think about what I wouldn’t read! I have probably forgotten so many that I will remember after this goes live, but that is a problem for future me I swear I don’t hate future me but I am always putting her in really tough and annoying situations! Whoops!.

I nominate the following people as I absolutely love their blogs and posts. Please don’t feel obliged to take part in this tag! Just thought it would be some fun :)

Have you read any of these? If not, do you want to? If yes, what was your opinion? What's a book you won't read?

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  1. Yay you did it and found answers that you were passionate about :D From what I remember I think I liked the movie of My Sister's Keeper but I can definitely understand why it wouldn't appeal to you and it's definitely a disturbing concept. I've never tried to read A Tale Of Two Cities so I honestly don't know what it's like. I agree with you about those genres, I don't mind steamy scenes but I like there to be a decent plot too. I'm not sure if I've heard of Midnight Sun? I'll look it up although not to add to my TBR like normal based on your experience with it, just out of curiosity's sake :L

    1. Yes! It took me a while but I did! There are so many amazing tags now that I think for a while we will be doing two posts a week instead of just one! I really love doing these and thank you again so much for tagging meeee!
      Yes, it never appealed to me as a film and so I am not going to be reading it anytime in the foreseable future. Yes, I struggle with Erotica since it is so.... plotless. Midnight sun is by Trish Cook if it is any help :) Yeah, no I didn't like it at all, if perhaps it was less trashy and"quirky" then it would be fine, but I feel like the author was writing to please her audience, not because she wanted to write about the topic.

    2. Aww I'm glad you enjoyed doing it :D and I was happy to tag you. I've got the one you tagged me in saved in my drafts so it should hopefully get posted soon (: I've just got a spring one to post first still where I disappeared for longer than I meant to.
      I can understand that. I looked it up (: it sounded okay but not if it's trashy like you said :L Oh that sucks and really doesn't work out well in general.

    3. I can't wait to read the posts you have planned!

  2. I had no idea Midnight Sun was a book. I started The Selection series but got until maybe the second book? I do read Erotica, but only if it has a strong plot and trust me, there're quite a few novels that are Erotica but have a really strong plot and it's not all about sex. I was su3when I made this discovery. I recently read a BDSM novel (definitely not my cup of tea at all) but the story involved Mental Health, specifically Anorexia and wow. That book took that MH to a light I hadn't read before so I was genuinely surprised there.
    Genesis @ Whispering Chapters

    1. Yes, it is but I did not enjoy it in the slightest. Yes, the Selection started to get very repetitive and I couldn't cope with it. Plot is essential for me in any good book (although in Erotica some ppl just look for the sex aspect of it) so I would be quite interested to hear about some that are plot fulled too? I won't review them here though, since this is a YA blog but it would be cool to compare thoughts on some.

  3. aaa, I feel you with a lot of these. overall, the selection was 'meh' enough, but I couldn't really find it in myself to continue over the third book, with a change in perspective. my thoughts were that the other books might be too similar, and I just couldn't bear more repeats. I've *tried" bringing "a tale of two cities" back from my library, but alas, reading it was too daunting of a task. honestly, it's ToO fAt. I didn't picture myself ever being able to finish it :)) I'm not really much of a classic type of person, but I do want to get more into them! do you read many?
    p.s. it was my new year's resolution to be kinder to future me, but I am drastically failing.

    1. Haha yes it is one thicc book to try tackle! I do read a few classics, but I prefer trashy dramatic romances and family drama even though I really dislike it in YA?
      OMG me too, and guess what this lack of motivation to write next weeks post is future me's problem :D

  4. I feel exactly the same about A tale of two cities. During my studies, that book was referenced a loot as it contains important elements for architecture and city development/ planning... however, I cannot bring myself to reading it Could be because of all the pressure really, no idea.

    1. Yes, I am staring at it right now lol. I always feel so guilty that I will probably never read it


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