Bruno Returns! (and Wraps Up his July)

Hi everyone! This is a little bit of a different post for a wrap up but I really love the idea of it. As my reading habits have been a bit on and off lately, I decided to form a wrap up around all the different things I've loved in the month (kind of like a favourites video? + stories i’ve ate this month)! I’ll be talking about my favourite books, movies, tv shows, music, and travelling! July has been a busy month where I’ve discovered (and rediscovered) some amazing pieces of media that I’d like to share with everyone!


I’ve found some of my new favourite movies + rediscovered some of my old favourite movies this month! I loved rewatching one of my absolute favourite book to movie adaptations, The Perks of Being a Wallflower! This book was so powerful and really affected me and we were lucky enough to have the author of the novel directing the adaptation! Perks is such a life changing story for so many people and I really recommend picking it up if you haven’t read it yet - the movie is fantastic but I highly suggest experiencing the book before watching the film. I’ll link the trailer to the film [ here ].

My next favourite movie I watched this month was The Breakfast Club! I’ve been really loving the 80s this month so I wanted to rewatch some older movies. I have watched The Breakfast Club in the past but I wanted to revisit it as it’s one of my favourite movies. The characters are all so interesting and I love the friendships created. This film has an excellent soundtrack and is so iconic, make sure to give it a watch if you haven’t already!! Here’s the link to the trailer!

My last favourite movie I watched this month was 16 Candles. 16 Candles is another film from the 80s that I watched for the first time this month! Two of the actor’s from The Breakfast Club are in this film too and it was so fun to see them interact in different roles. 16 Candles follows Samantha, a girl who’s sixteenth birthday goes forgotten by her family. I watched this film with one of my best friends who’s living in Australia so it holds a special place in my heart. You can find the trailer here.

TV Shows

I absolutely love TV shows! I used to be someone who enjoyed films much more than TV shows, however, I think the opposite has become more apparent. My absolute favourite show I watched this month for the first time was The End of the F***ing World! This show was so incredible, the storytelling, the characters, the cinematography was all amazing. Admittedly, I am quite late to watching this show, with the second season slowly approaching but i’ve been recommended this show so many times that I decided it was finally time for me to watch it! I might make a longer blog post talking about the show so I’ll keep it short but if you have Netflix definitely check it out - if you’re still unsure then here’s the trailer!

This next show is extremely popular! Stranger Things is a phenomenal show and if you still haven’t watched it then I have absolutely no idea what you’re doing! Everything about this show is so incredible and I’ve been watching every season as it’s come out. I love all the characters so much and I feel like they’re all my best friends. The third season just recently arrived on Netflix July 4th so please I’m begging you - stop reading this blog post and watch the first episode (then come back aahah). You can start with the trailer if you want.

This last show is my favourite tv show of all time - which means you probably know what it is if you’ve read our about section. I’m in the middle of my third rewatch of Parks and Recreation - possibly the best show of all time in my opinion. I cannot think of one negative thing about this show, I love every single character with my entire heart (though April and Leslie literally are my two favourite people to exist) and the show is so loveable, wholesome, and pure. Parks and Rec was created by Micheal Schur - an incredible man who’s created other widely loved shows like Brooklyn Nine Nine, The Good Place, and The Office (all of which are other amazing shows). This show doesn’t get as much credit as it should I cannot stress enough how quickly you’ll fall in love with it! There isn’t a trailer for the show but it should be on Netflix depending on where you live (sorry NZ and AUS).


July has been an amazing music month for me! I normally struggle to find artists and songs I absolutely adore but this month I’ve discovered and reconnected with some of my favourite artists ever. Just a warning, music taste is quite subjective - so my recommendations may not be things you like. Personally, I enjoy quite warm and acoustic music, instead of more electronic sounding songs.

Rex Orange County, what a MAN. His music is so incredible and though I’ve always kind of heard of him and knew he existed - I didn’t really get obsessed with his songs until this month. Everyone who I play one of his songs to says that he has such an amazing voice, and his music is so different and unique - not in a crazy way that turns people off but it’s just refreshing to hear his songs compared to some mainstream artists who seem to repeat songs over and over again. Some of my favourite songs by him are; Sunflower, Untitled, New House, Best Friend, Television / So Far So Good, Corduroy Dreams, 4 Seasons, and Belly (the grass stains). I really suggest listening to his music!

Declan Mckenna is an incredible human being who makes incredible songs and music. His debut album, ‘What do you Think About the car?’ is a no skip album that I highly recommend. His songs are really mellow but they’re not overly boring either. He uses very acoustic instruments as opposed to more of an electronic sound. My favourite songs he’s made are; Listen To Your Friends (my all time favourite), In Blue, Why Do You Feel So Down, Make Me Your Queen, The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home, and Mind. If you want to listen to his music check him out here!

My last recommendation for music is Conan Gray. I’ve loved this boy for a long time and he’s really precious to me. While his new song Checkmate wasn’t my favourite - favouring more of a rock sound, his EP Sunset Season is extremely close to perfection. He also has a youtube channel that I highly recommend watching, especially if you want to de-stress and calm down. My favourite songs by Conan are Generation Why, The Other Side, Crush Culture, Idle Town, Lookalike and Grow. Give him a listen by clicking here.

Bye, for now!

- Bruno


  1. OMG I love 16 Candles so freaking much! I've been wanting to watch Breakfast Club! And I remember starting Wallflower but fell asleep 😂 I actually own the movie lol
    Genesis @ Whispering Chapters

    1. OMG yes I loe it sm tooooo!
      Oh nooo please try watch it again it was honestly so gooood

  2. I really like the perks of being a wallflower the movie but I have yet to read this book-- I really need to get to that!!
    I love the Breakfast Club-- it talks about really important things and is so fun to watch. I have never watched sixteen candles but I would love to see it one day!!
    The end of the f***ing world is a great show-- I am excited for season 2-- I need it!!
    I love Conan Grey's voice-- generation why is one of my favourite songs!!

  3. I love Parks & Rec! Also- did you know the author of Perks of Being a Wallflower has a new book coming out in October? Imaginary Friend. I’m really excited for it- but it’s so different from Perks I don’t know how well his readership will go back and forth bewtween them.

    1. He does!?! OMG CAN I HAVE IT LIKE NOW!?!? It might be super fun to see him write another style, but it could also go either way?
      Thanks so much for commenting!

  4. I feel really bad admitting this but I haven't seen or read Perks Of Being A Wallflower yet. I really will try to sometime though. I haven't seen Stranger Things either although that's definitely a show that I plan to watch eventually.

    1. I haen't watched Stranger Things either!
      - Emma :)

    2. That makes me feel better :L Looking at other people's blogs I was starting to feel like the only one.

    3. Honestly, I'm so behind on so many books, don't even worry!
      - Emma :)


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