Bruno's Challenge : Reading Everyday!

Hi everyone! It’s Bruno here and I’m sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been dealing with quite a lot of stress lately so that’s why I haven’t been as active, with the stress bringing alongside another reading slump! Recently I was inspired by Ariel Bisett’s video on challenging herself to read every single day for a week which you can watch right now [ here ]

The rules were that she had to read every single day before she goes to bed for a week, with a bonus challenge of not looking at your phone once you’ve finished reading. Admittedly I did participate in this challenge a few weeks ago but I’m hoping to permanently implement this challenge into my daily life. I slightly adjusted her rules to fit my lifestyle! This meant that from 9:30-10:15 every night I will devote my time to read whatever book I choose to read. I wasn’t going to limit what I was reading in terms of the genre or category but that was the time I set aside to do nothing but read every day. At first I didn’t think my reading habits would improve, hoping that by the end of the week I would be deeply invested in my novel - enough to finish it. The final results were quite surprising to me, I managed to finish two novels in the span of seven days while only reading from 9:30-10:15 every night. I’m normally quite a slow reader so being able to finish two books a week was quite new and surprising to me.


Luckily, I really enjoyed both of the novels I finished. I rated both Paper Towns by John Green and What If It’s Us by Becky Allbertalli and Adam Silvera 5 stars! I loved them both so much! I started Paper Towns many times but never managed to finish it which was probably due to me being younger (I think I picked it up for the first time in year five ahah). I loved the characters so much and how they all interacted with each other. Q, Ben, and Radar’s friendship is so adorable to read and I feel quite sympathetic to the character’s as I’m approaching their age quite rapidly which I find quite scary. I finished What if it’s us extremely quickly. I flew through it because of it’s funny and clever dialogue, cute characters, and a love story I care so greatly about. I used to be really invested into musicals so all the mentions of Broadway titles allowed me to feel a closer and more personal connection to this story. If you plan on taking on this challenge I highly recommend you pick these books up if you haven’t already!

Finally, I challenge anyone who’s been struggling lately to establish a routine of reading every day. Being too busy is often an excuse used without much thought - when in reality, that hour spent on Instagram could be used to dive into an amazing novel. The no-phone-after-reading aspect to the challenge was really helpful to me personally as well. Being on my phone has been a long term struggle for me, I love technology and it’s really easy to get lost in tweets, pictures, and youtube videos but I admit it’s not the healthiest habit.

Good luck & happy reading!

Cover Image by Isabelle Taylor from Pexels via Canva


  1. Oh, so happy this worked so well for you! What if it's us has been on my list for sooo long now, I should really kick it up on the list if I want to get to it this year haha.

  2. I'm glad this worked out so well for you (: I'm hoping to start getting back on track with my reading too. I'm also pleased that you managed to finish and enjoy Paper Towns this time. I've had times when I've picked up a book, failed to finish it then loved it the next that I tried. It can just make trying again rather daunting though.

    1. I should definitely try this challenge too!
      - Emma :)


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