My First Mini Reviews? + An Aesthetic Strip || Starfish and Five Feet Apart and Sea Witch!

I found our two main characters, Kiko and Jamie to be a slightly odd pairing, and although I really appreciate the friendship dynamics, I didn't connect with them much as a couple.

Jamie genuinely seemed so good?? Too good to be true?? I think that hid only character flaw was the bombshell that he kept from Kiko, and even then, it was a bad decision and not really a character flaw?

Kiko, oh my smol baby bean, she deserves the world and all my left shoes, okay? I would give them all up for her to be happy! And to let her art!

There seemed to be a lot of inner racism, and it was used a lot, but it showed how well the author was able to make me connect to Kiko.

I loved the use of the two blocks of what Kiko had wished she had said vs what she actually said. It was so amazing to watch her progress from saying nothing similar to what she wanted to, to the general message but rather timidly, until her final outburst.

I cried. That's hecking bullying. I don’t have emotions okay?

I found Kiko's art to be very relatable to my writing? Everytime I write, I feel like I’m doing something amazing but then someone says that they don't get it or it doesn’t seem to be something I would write or it doesn’t sound like me and i just kinda. Stop. And then there are a few people who love the concept of my plot and we even have memes about my MC? Is that allowed? I haven’t gotten P.S onto paper yet though, and have no immediate plans to do so.

My friend Jess, who I am doing an impact project with, leant me her copy of the book. She told me to just ignore the water splashes on the page, since it was where she had cried. I added to those water splashes.

I found myself empathising so much to Will and Stella, and I was so impressed with this since it isn’t an easy feat considering that this is such a short book.

There was one thing I found slightly unrealistic, though. Stella, who had been in and out of hospital for as long as she can remember, who had tried so damn hard to stay alive because she needed to be there for her parents, was willing to walk away from it all? This made no sense, even with the character development.

I think that the ending was really nice, especially considering that it was such a short book. The story did not need to be added onto, but was set up for another should the authors choose to do so. I think that if they had tried to flesh out this book anymore, then it would become a little tedious.

The ending, however good it was, made me so sad!! I have had such a good run with books lately, but this book is now one of my favourites!

I was scared that this would be a repeat of The Fault in Our Stars, but my worries were for naught!

What do you guys think of my first mini review? Anything I need to add or skip next time? How’s the layout?


  1. I read Starfish earlier this year, and was somewhat disappointed in it, sadly. I definitely agree about the relationship between Jamie and Kiko - it felt more like a friendship to me than a romantic relationship, it was just weirdly written. On that note, I was somewhat sad to see Kiko's other friend, I'm terrible with names, disappear from the book after the first quarter or so. She seemed nice. Anyway, I think your mini reviews are great, and I love the mood board. 💜

    Veronika @ Wordy and Whimsical

    1. I'm glad to see that I'm not alone in that! Starfish gets a lot of love, but I was a bit worried since I never really felt a spark? Their relationship almost feels like one of those friendships where it is just convenient to be together.
      Thank you so much, Veronika!

  2. Firstly I love the layout and images on this post and enjoyed reading your thoughts on the books too. I'll have to check out Starfish sometime, I quite like the sound of the 'two blocks' being used; it sounds different to anything that I've read before. I'm glad you enjoyed Five Feet Apart too; I've only seen the movie but I loved it and do intend to read the book sometime. I love the Sea Witch images xD

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, seeing Kiko's thoughts vs what she actually said was definitely beneficial to seeing how her character developed.
      Thank you!


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