Three #Aesthetic Mood Boards, but Done a Little Differently

Hiya bookish people!

It’s been a while since I have done something like this, but I decided to take another shot since my last aesthetic moodboard was so well received! I decided to do something a little different though. I am going to make aesthetic mood boards out of book covers. Yep. And then I’m going to see through the blurbs (and if I have read them) whether or not they are similar story lines or genres.

Also, I have started ironically saying “hashtag” when talking about, well, anything really. For example, when I was planning this post instead of doing my graphics class work, I said to my friend that life is hard and sometimes you just need to do some #self-care to feel happy. I said that. I am sorry to all of humanity. I am a #failure. So here we go. I’ll be laying this out weirdly, so please don’t judge.

I took all the covers from Goodreads, but I put them all together so I’m sorry it looks trash.

Books With Black Backgrounds

In this list, from left to right, top to bottom, we have:

I had to put these in Fantasy subgenres since they weren’t all fantasy, also why there was more than one pie chart. Pie charts are fun to make, even though it is super sad that I don’t have any pie right now. I would love some pie. Anyway, as you can see, most of the black cover books I have here are Fantasy with one contemporary, the next top being Fantasy-Royal, and then Fantasy-Romance / Retelling / Historical all sit at the same. So, according to my math teacher, this isn’t a very fair test? So I guess that means that a black cover does not generalise to any genre of YA (excluding Ninth House).

Books With Dark Blues & Greens

I know what sort of pie I want! I want a fruit pie. Like apple pie. Or blackberry pie. Or even pie flavoured pie. The Dark Blue/Green covers seem to be leaning a lot towards fantasy, since all nine of these books are fantasy, but not all of them are the same fantasy sub genre (just to make more colors). It goes from Fantasy-Retellings / Pirates to plain ol’ fantasy.

UPDATE: I just went and got an ice-cream from the freezer because I got hungry thinking about pie.

Books With White Backgrounds

Okay, I swear this is the last thing I will say about pie. I love all pies. Okay, I’m done. These books again have two genres that they fall under, and contemporary seems to be the winner! There were the subcategories in the following order : Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Diversity, Contemporary Thriller, Fantasy, and Fantasy Fae.

Thank you guys for reading this weird post that ended up being a lot more about pies than the actual posters.


  1. The hashtag thing is hilarious! LOL! I'm totally in love with Stepsister! But dark blues and greens are killing it this year in book covers!

    1. hashtag thank you! hashtag grateful, hashtag I'm annoying myself with this hashtag business.
      I haven't read it yet but I really want to!
      I know, they all look so amazing! Greens and blues also look super cool and disney evil!

  2. My comments don't seem to be working as they haven't posted for your previous few posts but hopefully this works??
    I really loved this post and it's so interesting to see the genres behind various covers! All of these are so aesthetic?! #greatpost

    1. I'm sorry! I do have a moderating system but I have found that too, it is something I am trying to fix at the moment! Thank you fr letting me know!
      Thank you! Haha yes I think they look super nice, #thankyou!

  3. This is a really interesting post and I love seeing all of the different covers together based by colour. The moodboards look really good (: and... you've made me want pie :L I hope you managed to have one at some point after positing this.

    1. Thank you!
      Ugh me too, just opening this post makes me want pie again!
      I didn't sadly, but I may just make one!

    2. I did! Apple pie, but it was a little burned...


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