The Shadowverse by John-Clement Gallo

The Shadowverse : A YA Sci-Fi Superhero Adventure || John-Clement Gallo

  Genres | Young Adult + Sci-Fi + Adventure

  Rating | Avocado Avocado Avocado Half-Avo Non-Avocado ( RATING 3.5 / 5 )

Johnny Sparks longs for a higher purpose, a destiny greater than the ordinary. After an encounter with a mysterious stranger, he and his friends are imbued with incredible powers—at last giving his life meaning.

But this dream soon disintegrates once one of the friends is taken by an alien warlord named Titan. In a rescue effort, the remaining group is sent across the galaxy in search of the only possible aid—a legendary, immortal warrior missing for centuries.

During the spectacular intergalactic journey, the team must join forces to reclaim their friend and stop a sinister scheme devised against humanity by Titan and his vast empire. The multiverse-spanning, millennia in the making conflict for the soul of reality is set in motion, but even if the group prevails, they risk losing what it means to be human.

Thank you to the author, who sent me a copy of ‘The Shadowverse’ in exchange for an honest review.
I received no compensation for this review.

I really enjoyed this novel! I was a bit worried as I am far more of a Fae or Fantasy girl, rather than superhero and sci-fi adventures; however, my worries were for naught. I was never bored whilst reading, and was immediately sucked into the world that Gallo created. I felt immersed, and can I just say how happy I am to see a bit of an astronomy representation! I really love the subject, but it isn’t one I have the opportunity to learn at my school.

Character-wise, I was extremely impressed. Although Gallo’s lack of experience shows through some cracks that can be remedied with age and more experience, I felt that I was able to instantly connect with most of the characters. I loved the development that I read of the relationship between Johnny, Sam, Ryan and Dustin! The fun of following them was non-matched! As for Rose and Jane, I wish I had just seen… a little bit more. The dynamic felt rushed and I couldn’t really connect to them as well since they hit it off, with so little issues, so quickly.

Gallo is an extremely skilled author, and if you’re observant, you can see a couple of really hidden gems throughout the book, such as the subtle jab at social injustice (which I love seeing since in a lot of sci-fi novels, society is either straight up divided, or the government is corrupt - mostly). The only thing I would ask for? More inner turmoil. Although the characters were well developed, I did think the initial chapters were slightly rushed, but this was quickly remedied!

I would recommend this novel to people who are branching out from comic novels, but need a bit of heft to the material!

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  1. I'm really glad you enjoyed this (:

  2. I feel like a lot of readers are put off by the idea of science fiction- the physics, the math, the engineering (and I get it, because I was one of those readers).. but a lot of it actually results in commentary on social justice, and it's so much more than just that! One of my favorites is Too Like the Lightning by Ada Palmer, in which there aren't any prison systems, there's no distinction of gender (and therefore no gender inequality between men and women, but also for those who fall elsewhere on the spectrum). I don't recommend it often, and certainly not to readers who aren't really comfortable with sci-fi yet, but it's one of my favorites because there's just so much to think about.

    Another favorite is The Just City by Jo Walton. It's not obviously science fiction from the beginning, more like science fantasy, but the goddess Athena builds Plato's republic, and almost the whole thing is about equality. That might be a good one to check out.

    1. Yes! I think people get afraid and confused by a new society because they very rarely think outside their own. And the math and engineering adds to it if you are willing to stick to it (although I don't blame people who skip those bits; they can be boring).

      I will definitely check those out!


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