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Hiya bookish people!

Today I am going to be doing a bit of a How I Read post, including things such as drinks, snacks, where I read, clothes I like to where, and the noises I listen to.

What do you drink?

I will constantly need to be doing something with my mouth, and I have a really bad habit of grinding my teeth so drinking is a good way to stop me from doing that. I will drink when reading, and it is generally coffee if I am reading in the morning, hot chocolate when reading in the evening, and water or lemonade if I am reading at some point in the afternoon.

Do you snack?

Um, when am I ever not eating? I do have rules when it comes to eating while reading a book : nothing juicy or crumbly. That way I don’t have to worry about getting marks on my babies books. This generally means I will eat something like nuts, carrots or celery, ice-cream or drier fruits like bananas or apples (so they don’t drip).

Where do you read?

I can read pretty much anywhere! Plane, car, bed, tightrope, you name it! I am really odd when it comes to reading positions though. Will I sing myself over the arms of the chair? Sit on the back cushions of the couch with my feet on the seat? Upside down on the floor? Twisted so that we don’t know if my back is actually broken? Straddling a chair? Who knows!

Clothing wise, how do you read
(yes this question makes sense)

Again, I can read in anything because I almost have a book with me in any situation, so I am glad I can do that! However, dresses and skirts are kind of not ideal with all my weird sitting habits. Normally I wear pajamas at home or yoga pants or track pants or shorts with a loose top. Or a hoodie. Nothing in between! (Fun fact, I hardly ever dress appropriately for the weather )

The Constant Argument: Can you listen to music?

I can! However, I tend to only do so if I am reading a light fluffy book because then I will listen to my instrumental music. I find that anything else is too temperamental in mood, so I could be listening to a punk rock song while two characters are confessing their love, or listening to a happy bop while my favourite character dies.

I know this post is super short today, sorry about that!

How do you guys read?

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  1. This was really fun to read and I think water is a great drink to have whilst reading-- such a classic.
    I love the logic behind eating with a book because it can be risky �� I have unfortunately spilt chocolate on a few books!!
    I sit in weird positions on the sofa too, I don't even know how I end up there!!
    I can't listen to music whilst reading but I never thought about matching the genre of music to the book but that is a very important point.
    Great post!!

    1. Ugh, chocolate is amazing but it smudges on everything! Book pages are no exception
      (watch me cry forever)
      Thank you so much Sophie! You are the sweetest :)

  2. "Um, when am I ever not eating?" < MEEEEE XD XD
    I've actually never tried listening to music while reading...but really want to soon! And yessss, finding a good reading position is, like, the hardest thing ever lol. Lovely post, Emma! <3

    1. I mean, it's true!
      I recommend that if you do, try to match the mood with your music!

  3. I really enjoyed reading your post so idk why you said it was bad in your other one. I tend to drink tea or some kind of squash when reading. Or, sometimes in the evening, gin although not over often. I don't eat whilst reading over often but occasionally have chocolate if I have some. I don't think I sit in odd positions I just generally read in my room or in the lounge. And I'm terrible with noise. I used to be able to block it out but now I can't and get so easily distracted :(

    1. Ahaha, thank you. I just don't think this post is up to my normal standard.
      Tea and squash is such a nice drink, my dad recently bought a blood orange ice tea bag which I steal whenever I can!

    2. I still liked it (:
      Ooh I haven't heard of that before but it sounds lovely. I like instant fruit teas but only one place seems to do them. They have flavours like Apricot, Honey & Vanilla and Mango & Lychee

    3. Oooh yum! I love mango and lychee :)


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