Some Reasons and Excuses as to Why I'm Not Commenting on All Your Posts

Hiya bookish people!

I know last week’s discussion post about How I Read was, well, quite frankly, less than a good post. It was short, badly coded and no where near my best work out to you guys. But I am back and writing this with far more effort! Hopefully this doesn’t absolutely suck, too.

I blog hop. I enjoy blog hopping, too! I mean, yes, I have a really unusual way of doing it, but now that I am in the process of moving to Wordpress, my life got a lot easier (however, it also got busier). Some people may have noticed that I am not ‘hopping’ as much recently. And to be fair, there are a few reasons, and some excuses. So buckle in, bookeys, because I am going to tell you about the reasons, and excuses, for my recent interactions, or lack thereof.


  • My reasons are simple. I have started to realise that I can follow, read, and love a blog without always having to interact. Yes, it is more fun, but sometimes I just want to read and think about a post, and I can also think about what to say.
  • Another reason is that I don’t want to comment for the sake of commenting. Sure, it amps up my following and visits, but that isn’t my aim with AFCTL. My aim is to enjoy it, and avoiding the traditional and generic “great review!”, however well intended and true my words, is quite frankly unnecessary. I don’t want the people I talk to think I am just using them for views.
  • I have two new projects on my plate regarding AFCTL, and another blogging opportunity! I am, like I mentioned earlier, moving to Wordpress, so linking all my pages back to posts, tags, reviews and redesigns, and rewriting stuff means I am spending a lot more time on other things at the moment.
  • I am planning for Blogmas! Sophie @ Me and Ink wrote this awesome post about how she is planning for Blogmas, and it is super helpful for anyone wanting to take part in it this year.
  • My last reason is that I have figured out this amazing thing about Wordpress - I CAN LIKE A POST AS I WOULD AN INSTAGRAM POST! Yes, I am dumb, oblivous, whatever you wanna say. But I found it out, and I am using it a lot now. Bite me.


  • I am super busy and I am finding I don’t have the time. The bloggers who I have been struggling to keep up with have gotten an email from me explaining my absence and love for their blogs, but I just realistically cannot contact everyone.
  • School. Sucks. I mean, yeah, I am writing this in my first period back from the holidays (I cannot maths) but with external exams (NCEA is a bully) and homework, and a lot of drama going on between my parents at the moment, I can’t realistically keep up with everything.
  • I am slumping. Hard. I am super tired all the time now, and I think that is just a lot of sleepless nights and over-using the benefits of coffee catching up with me. I am struggling to give you amazing people the attention you deserve!

So there you have it. How has your blog hopping been going? Is that how you found AFCTL? Are my reasons and excuses valid? Tell me all your thoughts below!

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  1. I can understand not commenting on everything. Sometimes you read something and immediately have a lot to say but other times you can feel like you'd be repeating yourself or leaving a generic comment. Plus I know how long it took to set my blog up so moving it over, carrying on with new posts and blog hopping on top of non blog stuff must take one hell of a lot of time.

    I feel like I should advice against blogging in maths but I used to write stories and text from inside my pencil case so if kind of be a hypocrite �� I don't know if you had sleepless nights from being busy or bring unable to sleep. If it's the second I'd recommend trying chamomile tea before bed. I was wary about trying it but I got a mix of Chamomile, vanilla and honey and it tastes lovely and does help me relax. Lavender on your pillow is meant to help too (I have a lavender bear ��) and if you still can't sleep I'd suggest doing something else to try and relax. Listening to audio books - or half listening as I'm trying to sleep so not really taking them in - really helped me when I was struggling to sleep earlier this year

    1. Yeah, it is a lot of work, but something about settings some of the stuff up is mindless and methodical, which I am really enjoying.

      Pfft, it was only one period anyway. Well, I am answering this from my graphics class, but again, it's only one more period. Thank you for the recommendations! I will definitely try both of these, I have a wonderful lavender bush so I might just crush some of that up.

    2. I'm glad you're enjoying it then (: and it is the sort of task you can listen to music whilst doing.

      I really hope it helps as it's horrid when you can't sleep ❤️ I hope you manage to soon.

  2. I totally understand why it's harder to comment on everyone's posts- I used to be amazed at how prompt your comments were! It was quite hard to imagine, and it's completely ok to take an indefinite break or to just stop hopping. I'm sure most of the people you were interacting definitely appreciated your comments (I did!) but we all want you to feel the best you can <3
    School IS a beast, I agree! It's quite annoying and can definitely limit your blogging time, especially for busy high schoolers like you! Also, hahah, I love the fact that you just discovered liking posts- that's so sweet!! <3 *totally not giggling* Good luck for the WP move- I'd be glad to help you anyway I can! - and I can't wait for your Blogmas posts and whatever the other project is (gimme a hint, gimme a hint!). I thought I would do Blogmas, but I changed my mind- life will end up getting the better of me and I'll have to bunk it- also because of TDV! I want to show lots of commitment for that, and I hope I'm doing ok so far! Your reasons are completely valid, and good luck with your exams!! We hope to see you around more!

    1. Awww thank you so much for all your support!
      I may just have to take you up on your offer at some point, my WP is good but I feel like I'm missing something out...
      School is just a hecking misery at the moment - we are prepping for exams so we aren't learning anything new. I'm not worried about my grades though, since I have already got my 80 credits to pass L1 and 20 to go towards L2, but I still have to sit my external exams for the experience of it.
      I'm really excited for Blogmas!

  3. My best advice for you is take it easy! I love blog hopping, but I can't, very unfortunately, read everyone's posts and especially comment on them, even though I try my hardest to. It's okay, and it's a common struggle. After all, you have classes, hobbies, a life outside this blog, ... Everyone has kind of the same struggle and therefore no one really gets upset if you miss a couple posts. You got this! <3
    Are you moving to Wordpress? Once I had a blog with the Blogspot platform and it wasn't bad but I definitely prefer Wordpress so I think you might too, even though it might seem scarier to wotk with at the beginning. However, since I take so long to find time to blog hop, I'd often miss posts on my feed - have been using Feedly for a couple of months and haven't regretted it hahah

    1. Ooooh, I hadn't heard of Feedly before, I will definitely check it out!
      Thank you, Marta! I am trying but I'm finding it really hard to prioritize.
      I think the WP move will definitely pay off in the end!

  4. This is such a wonderful and important post, thank you for writing it and for the reminder, too. I agree that, at times, it's just hard to comment and interact always and, even if I want to support the bloggers and their work, sometimes.... well, I just don't want to leave a generic comment that just says, "great review", like you pointed it out. I'd rather spend my time to leave more genuine comments when I can. Blog hopping and interacting can be exhausting, too! It's important to take care of yourself first and foremost and not to let commenting become a chore :)
    Wishing you all the best!! x

    1. Thank you so much!
      Exactly! I don't want to be generic and I most definitely don't want to come across as just interacting because I have to or I want you to click over to my site, because that isn't my intention at all!

  5. I totally get how you feel about blog hopping because it is an enjoyable task but it also takes me a lot of time and I know I have been slacking on it myself but sometimes life is really busy and you have other things that you want to prioritise but that almost doesn't feel okay when it really is, in fact it is more than okay. And you don't even need to be busy, sometimes you don't have the energy to do it but you feel like you might have to but you don't, it is optional and I totally get appreciating a post but not commenting because I do that too. I always like to spend time writing comments so the moment I feel like I have to do X many posts in X amount of time, it means that I might not write as much as I want so I totally get how you feel.
    But you definitely have to put yourself first and do what is best for you!! I'm sending you lots of best wishes and thank you for linking to my blogmas page and I'm so excited that you are doing blogmas too *high five*

    1. Thank you Sophie!
      I of course had to link to your page, it is amazing!


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