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Hiya bookish people!

If you’re a Potterhead like me, then you have more than likely visited Pottermore at some point in your digital life. But, suddenly, Pottermore has changed, and pottermore.com is no more. Now we get the Wizarding World - Official website of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and home of the Wizarding Passport. No, I’m not paraphrasing. Anyway, this won’t be a review or anything like that of the new site, but rather me introducing you to my passport!

My House

So, it’s probably clear by now that I am in Slytherin. I love Slytherin so much! I even made a small graphic for you guys to look at about Slytherin! Should I do any for the other houses?

My Favourites

Yes, there is a ‘your favourites’ section now! Mine are as follows:

  • Objects and food
    • Chocolate frogs
  • Characters
    • Hedwig (rip)
  • Spells and Potions
    • Reparo (because I am super duper clumsy)
  • Places and Transport
    • Hogwarts Library (‘nuff said)
  • Beasts and Beings
    • Hippogriff
  • Quidditch Teams
    • Pride of Portree

My Wand

The wand! One of the most important parts of being a young wizard! My wand is Rowan wood with Dragon Heartstring core, 12 ½ inches long and reasonably supple flexibility. Not too shabby!

My Patronus

My patronus!! I am super happy to tell everyone that my patronus is a Mastiff! I love big dogs so I am super duper happy to have a Mastiff as my patronus, especially since they are super lovable and big and cuddly!


Well, that’s the end of today’s post. What is on your Wizarding Passport? What house are you in? Should I do some more graphic posters for the other houses?

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  1. I love your graphics poster (: and I can't believe I'm saying this, as I absolutely adore Harry Potter, but I've actually never used Pottermore or found out my house �� what's the website actually like now? I think I probably put off using it in the past due to my social anxiety as I had no idea if you had to interact with others on it and even online stuff scares me (tbh I have no idea how I managed to start blogging). Anyway I think my favourite animal would be a Niffler; I just can't resist them after the Fantastic Beasts films. Other than that I have no idea what I'd pick though as there's so much to choose from.

    1. Thank you!
      WHAT!!??! I can understand the pressure of it but Pottermore just opened up a bunch of doors to another group I can join!
      There is definitely so many animals to chose from, and I love them all!

    2. Yes that's true. I do want to use it. I don't get why I haven't as I honestly do love HP so, so much.
      Yes I can imagine. I love animals - real and mythical ��

    3. Animals are the best!
      Especially really old or really young ones *insert heart melt*

  2. I just found out about the passports the other day but I was excited for the new site and everything! I loved the new design and style-- it all looked beautiful!!
    I'm a Ravenclaw and I put my favourite character as Luna and my favoruite spell was Accio (because I'm lazy) haha!! My patronus is a Magpie (I mean I did the quiz a couple of times and got a different one each time but I'm sticking with this one now)!!
    I loved seeing more about your hogwarts passport, thank you for sharing!!

    1. Ahhhh and thank you so much for sharing with me all of your stuff too!

  3. This is so cool! I don't think I've done the test for the new website, but on the old website I was a Ravenclaw. I never truly identified as a Ravenclaw though and so I decided to take the test with ALL the questions and always got slytherin ^^ I've been much happier ever since!!


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