The Sunshine Blogger Award... x 4?!

Hiya bookish people!

Amazingly, I have had four amazing bloggers nominate me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! This is an amazing thank you to Ash and Sophie and Belle and Lauren!!! You guys are the best!

Click the emoji's for the collapsible to open Any covers link to Goodreads, and the titles lead to a review if I have written one.

P.S Check out Sophie’s WIP Children of the Sun, it’s amazing!

I’ve decided to mash these three nominations together and answer 33 questions! (nominees don’t worry, I will only leave 11 questions).


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their page so others can see how amazing they are, too!
  • List the rules in the post and the badge somewhere on your website
  • Answer the 11 questions you got asked
  • Nominate 11 new bloggers for this award and let them know
  • Ask the nominees 11 new questions!

Sunshine Blogger Award #1 - Nominated by Ash Ronnel

🌻 Dogs or Cats? 🌻

I can’t choose! I have two dogs and four cats so…. It would be like picking favourites!

🌻 What’s your favourite color and why? 🌻

Blue, because I love the ocean! Although the ocean isn’t necessarily just blue…

🌻 What inspired you to start blogging? 🌻

I found a post-it-note review in a library book that linked back to a website with a list of all the books this girl had put reviews into! Unfortunately the website has since shut down, but I showed it to Bruno in our Science class and we decided to make a blog of our own!

🌻 Are you an early riser or a late sleeper? 🌻

I like to think that I’m an early riser - and I can get up really early - but evidence shows that more often than not, I'm a late sleeper.

🌻 What is your favourite subject in school? 🌻

English! Media is a close second, though. I recently picked my new subjects: English level 3 (ahhhh), Media L2, Earth and Space Science (which is new for next year) Statistics L2, Classics (L2).

🌻 Do you play any sports? 🌻

Is reading a book while I walk to school a sport? Because I did that for ages before I discovered audiobooks.

🌻 What is one of your favourite hobbies? 🌻

Reading! I really enjoy designs and making cubees too! Here are some I’ve made with Beth recently. We are making a bunch because I want to donate them to a children's hospital so the kids who can’t go home for christmas get a cute little gift!

🌻 Do you procrastinate things to the last minute, or get them out of the way quickly? 🌻

In theory I am really good at getting things done fast, but only the structure of something. Like I will structure my essay the day I get assigned it, but I will still be writing it the morning it’s due.

🌻 What are your top three favourite foods? 🌻

Chocolate, Pizza, and vanilla yoghurt. But not together.

🌻 What is your MBTI personality? 🌻

Uh, my what? Imma take the quiz and find out! Hmmm…. I have a ‘ISTP-T’ Personality! Apparently I am 68% introverted, 58% observant, 53% thinking, 67% prospecting, and 83% turbulent. I have no idea what any of that means but imma just say ‘heck yeah!’

🌻 If you were given $1,000 right now, what would you do? 🌻

Buy a bunch of books! And new shelves! And book merch!

Sunshine Blogger Award #2 - Nominated by Sophie XLi

🌞 What are your favourite books this year? 🌞

Hmmm, well, all my five star ratings have been The Deceivers by Kristen Simmons, A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer, White Stag by Kara Barbieri, Crown of Feathers by Nikki Pau Preto, and Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett, but I also really loved Frankly in Love by David Yoon, and The Wicked King by Holly Black!

🌞 If you could only read one genre for the rest of your life, what would it be? 🌞

Hmm, can I say YA or is that an age range? Hmm, well, I pick YA and Fantasy as a back-up plan :)

🌞 If you could choose one bookish creature to keep as a pet, who would you choose? 🌞

Imma say this straight off the bat, Abraxos would be my best companion, not a pet! He is his own Wyvern, okay?

🌞 What is one book on your bookshelf you would tear to shreds? 🌞

First of all, what?!?!?! Second of all, I have a ‘Wreck That Book #2’ that my friend Darby got me for my birthday a few years ago. I never could bring myself to actually trash it…

🌞 If you are stranded on an island and can only have one book to read for entertainment, which book would you choose? 🌞

Hmmm, probably my own first few chapters of my #trash WIP, so I can just continue to write fanfic in my head of what could happen next. Question; would you guys want to hear about my WIP more?

🌞 What is one memorable (spoiler-free) scene from a book you’ve read recently? 🌞

When Evie went around enchanting the boats in Sea Witch. For some reason, that whole scene made me feel super duper peaceful?

🌷 MINI REVIEWS: Starfish, Five Feet Apart & Sea Witch! 🌷

🌞 Do you like happy endings, sad endings, or bittersweet endings? 🌞

I love happy endings but it’s too unreliable and unrealistic to constantly get them, so my heart has started becoming quite attached to bittersweet endings.

🌞 Which book has your favourite ending? 🌞

War Storm by Victoria Aveyard. It is so chaotic! I love it! Although Broken Throne was a bit of a people pleaser >:(

🌞 What do you like to do besides reading? 🌞

Complaining about life, blogging, going for a run (although I never seem to be getting any fitter) or watching netflix.

🌞 Do you have a favourite place to write blog posts? 🌞

I love to write my posts outside, or while sitting in front of Netflix, although I will outline it before I start actually write it.

🌞 Do you have a word that gets on your nerves? 🌞

YES! I have two; moisturise (like, why do we need to make the word ‘moist’ longer?!) and sublime. Like, where is the rest of the lime??!?!

Sunshine Blogger Award #3 - Nominated by Belle

🐝 What was your first blog post? (Sorry if this makes you cringe hahah.) 🐝

My first post was actually a review of After Always! As you can tell, my formatting hasn’t changed much. However, I am working on that! You can check the post if you want to, but it is not #recommended.

🐝 Are there any “buzzwords” in a book synopsis that makes you pick up a book without fail? 🐝

“Fantasy” is definitely one, as is “Fae” and on occasion “best-seller” or “award-winning” because that generally means it was pretty good.

🐝 What marginalised rep would you most strongly like to see more of in books? 🐝

Definitely some #OwnVoices novels, they are extremely important, but I think that in some cases #OwnVoices is an excuse to just write a ‘diverse’ character. The other one is definitely teens who don’t get into a relationship within the book. Sure, teens do tend to have relationships, but as a 16 year old girl who has never had a boyfriend, I find it really kind of down-putting to constantly read about teens who are always in love triangles, or only not in a relationship because they are ace.

🐝 What are your favourite books this year? 🐝

Sophie asked this question too! All my five star ratings have been The Deceivers by Kristen Simmons, A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer, White Stag by Kara Barbieri, Crown of Feathers by Nikki Pau Preto, and Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett, but I also really loved Frankly in Love by David Yoon, and The Wicked King by Holly Black!

🐝 Is there a bookish trend or trope that you wish would end? 🐝

Not really. Nearly every trope has some fans, and I wouldn’t want to take something they love away from them. Doesn’t mean that I have to read it though. Plus, the ones I don’t like just make me appreciate my favourite more.

🐝 What’s your favourite post you’ve written? 🐝

My favourite post that I’ve written was my discussion on spoilers, but the title of my most popular post is currently sitting with the Books I’ll Probably Never Read tag, as it has the most views.

🐝 What’s the funniest movie you’ve ever seen? 🐝

I really loved Murdery Mystery starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston! It was hilarious, and foreshadowing at the end was just the best! They seem to work really well together, and they have done a lot of really good films together.

🐝 What’s the best joke you’ve ever heard? (can you tell I need a laugh) 🐝

Me, I am the joke. *finger guns*

🐝 Who is your favourite musical artist? 🐝

I can’t pick! AJR, Maisie Peters, Sleeping at Last, and LIZZO are the ones that first come to mind!

🐝 Is there anything exciting happening currently or soon in your life? 🐝

Actually yes, I’M GOING TO ENGLAND!!! My Dad and Stepmum are taking my step-brother and I over the christmas period! I am so excited!!

🐝 What is your favourite quote? 🐝

“It has been the privilege and the honor of my life to know you.” Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Princess.

Sunshine Blogger Award #4 - Nominated by Lauren

👑 If you could drop everything right this moment to board a plane, where would you travel to? 👑

The UK. I’m going at the end of the year (YAY!) but I just can't wait to get on that plane and leave. Only 10 more weeks! Wait, maybe less? Who knows! I’m even willing to ignore the fact that I am deadly afraid of aircrafts.

👑 What is a quirky thing that your pet does? 👑

Well, this isn’t exactly unique, but he dreams very vividly so he kind of moves h)is paws and growls and barks in his sleep. I feel bad for my other dog, Bryan, who probably gets woken up by it. For example, we watched the Big Cats documentary series a while ago, and when the lynx came on, Buster was super excited and growled at the TV. That night I think he was being chased by it, since he was whimpering and running in his sleep.

🌷 See the promo for the series here 🌷

👑 What is the last book that you read that you couldn’t put down? 👑

Our Bloody Pearl by D.N. Bryn. I just could not stop reading, I loved it and it is definitely a new favourite of mine!

🌷 Review: Our Bloody Pearl by D.N. Bryn 🌷

SYNOPSIS: The ocean is uncontrollable and dangerous. But to the sirens who swim the warm island waters, it’s a home more than worth protecting from the humans and their steam-propelled ships. Between their hypnotic voices and the strength of their powerful tails, sirens have little to fear.
That is, until the ruthless pirate captain, Kian, creates a device to cancel out their songs.
Perle was the first siren captured, and while all since have either been sold or killed, Kian still keeps them prisoner. Though their song is muted and their tail paralyzed, Perle’s hope for escape rekindles as another pirating vessel seizes Kian’s ship. This new captain seems different, with his brilliant smile and his promises that Kian will never again be Perle’s master. But he’s still a human, and a captor in his own way. The compassion he and his rag-tag human family show can’t be sincere… or can it?
Soon it becomes clear that Kian will hunt Perle relentlessly, taking down any siren in her path. As the tides turn, Perle must decide whether to run from Kian forever, or ride the forming wave into battle, hoping their newfound human companions will fight with them.

👑 What is your dream job? 👑

I really really want to work in publishing! The other dream is being able to monetise A Few Chapters ‘til Love, but I don’t really want to jeopardize the integrity of my blog? If that makes sense?

👑 What mythical creature would you have as a pet? 👑

I would really like a wyvern or a dragon! They both are so awesome and I have always been in awe of them since I was a kid, more so now that I read about them a lot! They are making a bit of a comeback in YA, which is so good to see!

👑 What TV show can you quote the most? 👑

I can definitely quote Brooklyn-Nine-Nine the most, so much that it is borderline pathetic. Well, it would be if Brooklyn-Nine-Nine wasn’t so awesome!

👑 Do you plan your TBR for the month and stick to it, or are you a mood reader? 👑

I make a general TBR in my wrap up posts, and then do my mood reading from there. Occasionally I will read books that aren’t on there, but as a general statement I am pretty good at being able to stick to a monthly TBR. Don’t ask me how though, since I have absolutely no idea. Like, none.

🌷 My September Wrap Up & October TBR 🌷

👑 What book character would be your archnemesis? 👑

Uhhhh, I don’t know! I’m not really an ‘enemy’ person. Can I do a bit of a Manon and Aelin where they become sort of friends afterwards?

👑 How often do you reorganise your bookshelf? 👑

Hahahaha… not often enough. Since I moved most of my books down to the family office, I haven’t really reorganised my shelves. I am wanting to buy a new shelf since my current one is warped and changing color a bit… and then I can reorganise it! I still keep all my favourite books in my room, though.

👑 What is your favourite group of friends in a book? 👑

Again, I can’t pick… just one! I am going to say, the Golden Trio (duh), the Cadre, and the Inner Circle. Just as my top three. Otherwise we will be here forever and this post will be even longer than it already is.

👑 Are you a morning or a night person? 👑

I am a night through to morning person! I can’t sleep at the moment. It’s borderline painful at this point.

Whew! That was a lot! I don't blame you guys if you didn't read them all because there was a lot there!


There is no pressure to complete these questions! These are just some awesome blogs that I think deserve recognition :)


  • What is your favourite fairy tale that you will read any retelling of?
  • Have you ever found a movie to be better than a book?
  • How did / do you feel about required reading at school? (Did you enjoy it?)
  • What is a book you wish would be turned into a movie or series?
  • What is your favourite quote from a book?
  • Is there a book you can never finish, no matter how many times you try?
  • What is your most anticipated release of the year? (It could have already been released this year)
  • Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
  • Who is your favourite fictional villain?
  • Have you ever had someone damage a book you lent them? What did you say to them?
  • Do you think digital and audiobooks will ever fully replace physical books?

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  1. Thank you for the nomination! Your answers are so much fun! The UK trip sounds amazing. Reading while walking is totally a sport. I don’t know where the rest of the lime is. I love watching my dog sleep, but I also love to watch him “sing” (he bowls along to some songs horribly out of tune). I like books with happy endings because hopefully the characters clawed their way out of hell before they ever got to the end...

    This was fun. Thanks for sharing (and again for the nom!)

    1. No problem at all! I think you deserve it! No pressure to complete this though :)

  2. Congratulations on the awards you definitely deserve them!! And I loved reading your answers!!

    I love blue as well and it does remind me of the ocean which I love!!
    Having a dragon would be a dream come true!! One day *fingers crossed*
    And you're coming to the UK which is so exciting, I know it is not soon but it is soonish so I hope you have a great time when you come!!
    I completely agree about wanting characters in YA to not be in a relationship as there are plenty of people who aren't always in a relationship in school and that should be shown!!! 100% agree!!
    My dog also dreams and you can see her paws twitch, she doesn't do it that often but I love it when she does!! I always wonder what she is dreaming of!!
    Great post!! I loved seeing your answers and I loved the way you set it out!! �� (p.s. NINE NINE)

    1. Thank you so much Sophie!
      Ahhh yes i am super duper excited!
      (pps. NINE NINE)

  3. Thank you so, so much for the nomination!! I can't wait to answer your questions, they're all wonderful (: you have a lot of pets. Do they all get on? I couldn't chose between dogs and cats either. And I'd love to know more about your WIP but only if you're comfortable sharing it. I love the story of how you started blogging. What you're doing with those cubes is so, so lovely ❤️ I'm terrible at reorganizing my shelves. Theyve been the same for ages as I like how they look but that means atm that it's mostly older series �� Fae is definitely a word that makes me want to pick a book up too; I have a lot of books about them on my TBR. And I always want to pick YA as a genre too if I can only have one. Although I also really love some adult supernatural type series. I loved reading all of this and thank you again for the nomination ❤️❤️

    1. You're so welcome !
      There is no pressure to do this tag though, especially since your internet is being messed with :)

  4. I'm definitely doing it, it's such a lovely one to have been chosen for and your questions are fantastic (: I'm trying to get my tags posted in order, so it may be a little while though. I'm probably posting the first of them on Sunday then hopefully fairly regularly after that. I've just got to try and balance tags, features & reviews ��

    1. There is no pressure to do it now, I am just looking forward to seeing your next posts :)

  5. Emma! Thank you for the nomination. ❤️ GAHHHH So many questions... though I love mashed together award tag posts. I love to get to know a blogger better through their answers. YES to wyverns. Frankly In Love and Fae and Fantasy!! And I love your questions too.

    1. You are so welcome, you definitely deserve it!
      Awww thank you!
      Fantasy and Fae are my Bae *crying with laughter at my own joke*

  6. Thank you so much for tagging me! I'm so sorry this comment is so very, very late but I did really enjoy reading this post.����I love how you formatted it, it's so cute! Also, YES, the Golden Trio are just always the best for everything in the history of ever.


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