The Spooky Scary Book Tag!

Hiya bookish people!

This one isn’t necessarily planned. I was looking through my following and saw that the amazing Alexandra @ Reading by Starlight tagged me to do this tag! I thought I should push it super quickly to get this out on the 31st!

What Goes Bump in the Night
name a book that has legitimately scared you while reading it

It by Stephen King. It (hah, pun) was the first horror novel I ever read, and I read it at age nine. Young Emma was scarred for life. But then I did go see the second film in cinema with my brother which was fun.

Jack O’ Lanterns and Classic Costumes
a book that you always reach for during Halloween time

I don’t really do ‘seasonal reads’ but I do read some of the Riveted novels during October, which are generally sort of spooky.

Black Cats and Magic
a book you love that’s laced witch superstition and / or magic

Any of the books in the shadowhunter world, since there is always magic and political superstition.

Witch’s Brew
favourite character in any book or series

I love Cardan from the Folk of the Air series. I don’t know why, but I need to read more of him! I am having withdrawals.

Ghouls and Ghosts
a book that still haunts you to this day (good or bad)

I can not go a single day without thinking of the Throne of Glass series. I miss it. So much.

Haunted Graveyards
you’re all alone in a haunted graveyard, you get ONE book to give you comfort, which is it?

I would take Red, White and Royal Blue with me, since it is so cute, and amazing, and Beth is currently reading it. I’ve told her we can’t be friends if she doesn’t love it. Which is true. I will not sympathise with the enemy.

The Undead
favourite supernatural creatures to read about (ie. vampires, zombies, werewolves etc)

Definitely werewolves - if it can come across without it seeming like a fanfiction or written really really badly. Like the book A Pack of Blood and Lies, I reviewed it and actually really enjoyed it.

In the Dead of Night
a book with a black cover

Damsel, it looks so cool and I really really want to read it!

I won't tag anyone since Halloween is done, but I can't wait to tag someone next year!


  1. I absolutely loved your IT pun haha!! I never read it but I just watched the movies recently and Pennywise can sure be creepy!! Haha!!
    I still haven't read any of The Cruel Prince but I'm curious to see what I will think of the characters as I feel like there is a mix of opinions!
    Damsel does have a cool cover-- the colours worked with the black really well!!
    And finally Happy Halloween!!

    1. So super creepy!
      If you do read it, please let me know! It was awesome!
      Happy Halloween!

  2. Wow, you read IT when you were nine?? I'm 22 and I'm STILL scared to read it (haha puns). I would absolutely bring RWRB to a haunted house as comfort too, since it's just so feel-good. And I hope you love Damsel when you get to it!!

  3. ahhhh so many amazing books!! I'm trash for anything shadowhunters BUT I'm the worst at keeping up with the books and I seriously need to step up my game hahah I also loved The Wicked King but I'm taking my time adjusting to Cardan, to be honest. Can't wait to read Queen of Nothing!!
    Red, White and Royal Blue is such a lovely book, you made a great choice on that one ^^

    1. Uggghhhh tell me about it! I am sooooo behind on the Shadowhunter books atm!
      Thank you Marta <3

  4. I've only read one Stephen King book (Misery) but parts of that really unnerved me. And I've seen the firdt part of It and I can imagine the book is incredibly creepy. I'm also hoping to read Salem's Lot soon. I absolutely adore Cardan and can't wait for book three to come out. Not long now!! And I seriously hope I like Red, Quite & Royal Blue when I get a chance to read it. I have it on hold at the library atm but I don't actually know how many people are ahead of me in the queue.

    1. Yes, It was rather creepy!
      It is so close I can taste it!
      I am sure you will! It is a MM book, but it isn't overly graphic which is good for the genre it is in. It also has an amazing plot and cast!


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